Too Obscure!

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Here's a list of albums that are so obscure it's almost a crime. The list is ordered so that albums scoring high in both obscurity and quality are near the top.

WORK IN PROGRESS. Some of the albums ending up here may already be "Metal Storm approved", but this might be used for broader reference.

Created by: Risto | 07.10.2014

1. Skein - Of Wings Unfolding
Alternative sludge metal
2. Oddland - The Treachery Of Senses
Progressive/avantgarde metal
3. Turbid North - Orogeny
Progressive death/sludge metal
4. Chaos Divine - The Human Connection
Progressive metal
5. Anthriel - The Pathway
Progressive power metal
6. Constantine - Resign Due
Progressive metal
7. Dissona - Dissona
Progressive/avantgarde metal
8. Moonlyght - Shining
Melodic death/progressive metal
9. Amendfoil - Skyline Escape
Alternative metal
10. In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad
Progressive metal
11. Obscure Sphinx - Void Mother
Sludge metal/Post-metal
12. Clock Paradox - Egotheism
Progressive death metal

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