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20 Greatest Metal Guitarists

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Created by: spiritofvengence | 18.08.2010

1. Eddie Van Halen (Possibly the greatest guitarist of all time)
2. Rhandy Roads (The above. Wish he'd been alive long enough to play "Eruption")
3. Hank Shermann (First solos learned were from him, as well as first guitarist I got into on my own)
4. Thomas Youngblood (Extremely under-rated guitarist)
5. Michael Denner (Who knows, maybe he did some of the Mercyful Fate solos I learned also, but his riffs are killer)
6. Phil Campbell (I've always been fascinated with Motörhead's guitarists, and this one rocks)
7. Dave Mustaine (Mostly because of his speed)
8. Andy LaRocque (Liked his style of playing Denner/Shermann solos and his own from King's solo work)
9. Chris Broderick (Can keep up with Dave rather well)
10. Zakk Wylde (Don't care what you say, he's a great musician with a killer sound)
11. Terji Skibenaes (VERY under-rated Faroese guitarist from Týr)
12. Kirk Hammett (Wah-overuse makes solos better)
13. Jake E. Lee (Gotta love "Bark At The Moon" and his stuff from "The Ultimate Sin")
14. James Hetfield (Sings AND plays guitar, with solos, and can drum too)
15. "Fast" Eddie Clarke (I'm not sure if this is the first drummer or first guitarist, but they both rock)
16. Gus G. (He's a good guitarist, but I didn't like his take on "Paranoid")
17. Quorthon (He had some very good highlights, but in the end isn't really an amazing guitarist like Roads)
18. Paul Allender (He can play "Hallowed" solo faster than the original, but not "Mr. Crowley")
19. Tony Iommi (Overcame a great obstacle with his fingers, but other than that...)
20. Mick Thomson (Needs more cowbell (and guitar solos))

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