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Tasty Stuff Not Currently Featured On MS

All hail Bandcamp. Most of the music you will find here is progressive, avant-garde, or experimental something. A large portion of these artists will let you "name the price" for their album(s) - go ahead, you can't resist the temptation to test it out before inevitable purchase.

The bands' names in the description have been assigned links to their tunes. Enjoyed it? Then click on the vote link and give them the opportunity to be on this website. Feel free to add bands that require suggestion over here, however I hope to get around to it in the near future. There's lots more to come! If one of these bands hits that spot or if you thought it was pretty meh, let me know in the comments.

1. ...? - ...!
2. 114 Kassandra - Life Rains The Hardest On Those Who Shine The Brightest
3. A Prison Called Earth - Rise Of The Octopus (Realistic Tale Of A Sprawling City)
4. A/symmetry - Room 17: Hours Between Shadows and Light (EP)
5. Abriosis - Tattered And Bound

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Created by LeKiwi on 14.12.2013

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Most Talented Vocalists In Metal

A concise list of my metalhead man-crushes (now featuring ladies.)

While there is little introduction required for some of these bands and their frontmen/women, there are no words that can accurately describe such jaw-dropping talent anyhow. The albums and youtube links listed are meant to display the full capacity of vocalists' talents, not the bands' most quality or popular tracks - click the links below and behold the prowess.

1. Adagio - Underworld
2. Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
3. Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors
4. Amorphis - Silent Waters
5. Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time

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Created by LeKiwi on 03.05.2013