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Tea[m]ster's 2014 Directory

Because I do not want a list of 1,421 albums I will be removing as I add.

Last updated: 12/06/14
The Sound Of Rescue

Added :
Downfall Of Gaia
Schematics For Gravity

1. Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss
2. Alcest - Shelter
3. All The Empires Of The World - Sunscraper
4. Allochiria - Omonoia
5. Around The World In 80 Days - Euphoria

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Created by tea[m]ster on 08.02.2014

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tea[m]ster's 2013 TOP 25 List & More...hop in, the water's warm...

This will the best place to jot down my favorite music for 2013...I'll follow IronAngel's rating system (3.5-5 and can change at anytime). Arrows indicate trending...

1. Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory & Injury
2. Everything In Slow Motion - Phoenix
3. Steak Number Eight - The Hutch
4. Fen - Dustwalker
5. Enshine - Origin

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Created by tea[m]ster on 27.01.2013

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tea[m]ster's 2012 Must Listens And Recs

Well, it's been a terrific 2012 for metal fans. I listened to hundreds of albums and I'd like to share my favs with you. Although it was very difficult I have narrowed down my top 20.

1. Sunpocrisy - Samaroid Dioramas
2. Downfall Of Gaia - Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes
3. Rush - Clockwork Angels
4. Adrift - Black Heart Bleeds Black
5. Constants - Pasiflora

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Created by tea[m]ster on 26.04.2012

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tea[m]sters Top Post/Sludge/Atmo Albums Of 2011

As one of the volunteer presiders over the post/sludge/atmospheric genre here at MS I'd like to share some discoveries made in 2011. I'll be adding to the list so stayed tuned! Oh and post your recommendations!

1. Dirge - Elysian Magnetic Fields
2. Jet Plane - All The Static Stars
3. Hull - Beyond The Lightless Sky
4. Amia Venera Landscape - The Long Procession
5. Fading Waves - The Sense Of Space

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Created by tea[m]ster on 23.01.2012

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tea[m]sters Favorite 25 Metal Albums Of All Time

My first list! Celebrating 25+ years of listening to metal I present my 25 favorite metal albums. Mostly prog and thrash in my early years and exploring other metal avenues today, I hope my fellow metalheads will take notice and discover (or re-discover) some great music!

1. Rush - Moving Pictures
2. Coroner - Grin
3. Voivod - The Outer Limits
4. Fates Warning - Parallels
5. Rosetta - Wake / Lift

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Created by tea[m]ster on 02.05.2010