The Best Industrial / Cyber / Electronic Metal Album

1.  Anaal Nathrakh - Desideratum 228
2.  Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire 85
3.  Mechina - Xenon 76
4.  Neurotech - Infra Versus Ultra 62
5.  Igorrr / Ruby My Dear - Maigre 34
6.  Arsafes - Ratocracy 29
7.  Combichrist - We Love You 24
8.  Amaranthe - Massive Addictive (write-in vote) 22
9.  Tyrant Of Death - Ascendancy 18
10.  Sterilizer - Sterilizer 5
11.  Deathstars - The Perfect Cult (write-in vote) 4
  Ludicrous - Altar Boy Discocult 4
Total votes:

Anaal Nathrakh - Desideratum

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Each recent Anaal Nathrakh release featured a bit more electro glitches and experimentations than the previous one, and Desideratum is no exception. Fret not, there's still plenty of blackgrind violently-in-your-face stuff, but it comes this time with (among other nasty surprises) a slight breakcore spice all over for added neckbreaking. Violently enjoyable!


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Arsafes - Ratocracy

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Multi-instrumentalist Arsafes of Kartikeya and 50,000 other bands, completes the circle on his solo industrial death metal EP and string of singles with a welcome full-length showing his insanely varied yet razor-sharp approach. Vicious, progressive, stimulating, and at times beautiful, Ratocracy shows composition skills that are unmatched by his peers. Whether you want to observe this musical legend in the making or just enjoy some ass-kicking industrial awesomeness, this record should not be missed.


Combichrist - We Love You

With this seventh studio album, Combichrist wanted to make sure the feelings they send our way were reciprocated. With its hard-hitting pure industrial metal tracks, balanced with EDM and aggrotech infectious tunes, We Love You is one of the most addictive electro-industrial releases of 2014, and the proof love happens when you least expect it.

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Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire

After taking 13 years off, Godflesh, have returned with a crushing part-animal, part-machine release that harkens back to the days of Streetcleaner and Pure. Despite his posty Jesu meanderings, JK Broadrick & Co still have it.


Igorrr / Ruby My Dear - Maigre

Maigre is elegant, meticulous and completely deranged. These are only a few adjectives among thousands that could be used to describe this schizophrenic collaboration between two giants of breakcore: Igorrr and Ruby My Dear. A vast amount of influences perfectly used to construct with exquisite detail every beat, riff, sample, chant, growl, and more. Put your monocle and top hat on, take some acid and DROP DA BEAT!


Ludicrous - Altar Boy Discocult

Catchy and danceable electro metal has been on the rise in recent years. With Altar Boy Discocult, their first album, Ludicrous (featuring members of End Of You and Dead Shape Figure) offer us one of the heaviest releases in the genre, featuring that dancefloor vibe but still keeping metal's abrasive aggression. Now, come on and join the disco cult!


Mechina - Xenon

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Mechina's previous work Empyrean has received a lot of acclaim for the song-writing, but also a lot of criticism for the production. So they went forward and fixed what needed fixing: Xenon doesn't only reach for the stars - both lyrically and quality-wise -, now it also sounds like it does. Symphonic cyber metal that manages to be brutal and beautiful at the same time!


Neurotech - Infra Versus Ultra

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Synthwave-infused metal is pretty rare, and anyone with a taste for the electronic and industrial should make the discovery of Neurotech a priority. Cold, atmospheric, astral, soothing - yet catchy, engaging, and even headbang-inducing, Infra Versus Ultra blends the contradictory nature of the two styles it represents in a way that you wouldn't have imagined possible: natural, flowy, and cheese-less. Simply put, this is the metal of the future.


Sterilizer - Sterilizer

Brandon Duncan, the mastermind behind Sterilizer, released some filthy industrialized killing machine for you to enjoy. The entirely instrumental album sounds like Godflesh's drum programming meets Igorrr's non-boring songwriting so that should whet your appetite. Take the 25-minute trip and let this stuff dehumanize you!


Tyrant Of Death - Ascendancy

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You don't call yourself "Tyrant Of Death" when you don't mean business. And as the horrors of modern war showed us, brutality is at its worst when it's mechanized - and mechanized black/death metal is the most lethal of all. Think of Ascendancy as a giant robot made of the scraps of the filthiest Anaal Nathrakh records, the psychotic AI of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, armed with a weapon made of Chaosphere-era guitar parts.