The Best Industrial / Cyber / Electronic Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2017

1.  Samael - Hegemony 185
2.  Igorrr - Savage Sinusoid 162
3.  Godflesh - Post Self 74
4.  Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down 54
5.  Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence [EP] 33
6.  Netra - Ingrats 26
7.  The Algorithm - Brute Force: Source Code DLC [EP] 22
8.  Eisbrecher - Sturmfahrt 20
9.  Ulver - The Assassination Of Julius Caesar (write-in vote) 12
10.  Iperyt - The Patchwork Gehinnom 10
11.  Mechina - As Embers Turn to Dust (write-in vote) 7
12.  3TEETH - Shutdown.exe (write-in vote) 4
  Khost - Governance 4
Total votes:

An industrial metal band from Germany? Perish the thought! So Eisbrecher's sound isn't the most original - who cares? Sturmfahrt is less into the full industrial palette than some other contenders, sticking to that trademarked Deutsch formula of brutal battering ram riffs, snarled bass vocals, and mechanical garnishes. As tradition mandates, this album is powerful, to-the-point, and highly accessible; this may be a recognizable sound, but Eisbrecher is one of the best at producing it.
The return of the mighty Godflesh that started in 2014 has turned out to be a kaleidoscopic event in which old and new sounds have intertwined. As A World Lit Only By Fire saw the duo pummel through with such force not seen since the oldest of days, Post Self provides a much colder introspection of the project's abilities. With this album, Godflesh once again solidifies their status as founders of a sound many aspire to achieve with crushing music that feels truly cerebral and mind-bending.

How anyone can make a coherent piece of music out of a series of aggressive, staccato non sequiturs is truly a mystery, but Igorrr seems to have unearthed the formula, because from the moment he unveiled the crushing and inexplicable "ieuD" we knew Savage Sinusoid was going to be even more of a head-spinner than usual. Savage Sinusoid is Igorrr's most metallic release to date, piling on tremolo picking, blastbeats, and wicked screaming (actual screaming, not, like, "musical" screaming) - just imagine Igorrr's distinctive breakcore style, but with all the breaks replaced with metal stuff.

Quite easily the most violent of the nominees in here, Iperyt have unleashed upon mankind The Patchwork Gehinnom - their third album already. And while the Poles maybe (just maybe) slowed things down a little bit, It's still very much the hate-infused black metal mixed with ultra-aggressive electro noise we came to love. It's an unrelenting, violent, sonic terror attack. Nasty stuff!

Khost is creeping and infernal, an eerie and static-filled detour through the grimiest part of town where decent, hardworking folk dare not tread. Governance possesses a suffocating atmosphere, moving at a horrible lurch and spilling forth mechanical pounding, distorted noise effects, and rotten, metallic sounds that agglomerate into a pool of filthy sludge. This is atmospheric industrial metal at its filthiest.

His goth majesty is back with another strong release featuring those trademark mechanized riffs and whisper/scream vocal alterations, as well as Marilyn Manson's apparent numbers fetish. "KILL4ME" and say hi to "SAY10"... even still, Heaven Upside Down is a Revelation (#12.)
After 5 years in the darkest alleys of the grey jungle, the French project returns with another ode to the hateful, cold, melancholic, yet oddly charming urban life. Netra's mastermind Steven Le Moan combines catchy trip-hop, ambient, and jazz with desperate black metal into a perfect soundtrack for a night out that could well be his most balanced and accessible release to date.


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The band's second release with Atticus Ross as an official member. Despite Trent Reznor no longer being the sole creative force, the electronic EP is still riddled with feelings of isolation and discomfort. Did years of hostile emptiness fix what was wrong inside? Do we need another ingredient? Maybe violence?

The Swiss cyber-via-black metal band are back after a five-year layoff and they put that time to good use. Hegemony sees the band calling back to their olden days of Passage to add a bit of bite to their more recent 'cyber' approach. Tracks like "Black Supremacy" showcase arguably the band's best album since their massive stylistic shift 20 years ago.


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The Brute Force: Source Code DLC EP is, just as its name implies, an addition to the excellent Brute Force album. So, that means more of the same electro-djenty goodness that's The Algorithm's trademark? Yes, please!