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Metal Storm Awards 2018


Metal Storm Awards 2018

Ding-dong: 2018 is dead, and we have killed it. But just as every winter gives way to spring, as every hiatus gives way to a comeback album, as every Rhapsody Of Fire gives way to a slightly different Rhapsody Of Fire six weeks later, the end of the year leads inevitably to the next edition of the Metal Storm Awards, and that is cause for much rejoicing. The 2018 MSAs were forged through the blood, sweat, and blood of your fearless leaders on the MS staff and all our choices were the correct ones, so there's no need to dispute them - though we do look forward to seeing how the votes all stack up when we hit the first of March.

Remember how 2017 had a lot of cool death metal going on and it was pretty nice? Oh, boy, you sure don't, not since last year blew that right out of your mind: 2018 was such an extraordinary year for death metal that it was almost criminal (or just criminal, if you're Cannibal Corpse). Our death category is overflowing with sick licks, cool jams, raspberry preserves, and other stuff that transcends the gory boundaries of the genre - and that's only the ten albums that made the final cut, so don't be afraid to do some deeper grave-digging on your own time. Oh, and if you like the whole "transcending genre boundaries" (but with less aimless brutality), we've got an avant-garde category that'll knock your socks off and then reconstitute them as a decorative potholder made out of licorice and the sounds of a saxophone being misused. Additionally, after a year of forcing the metalgaze category to stand in the corner and stare at its shoes, we felt bad and relented (apparently that constitutes "neglect" in some jurisdictions); not only is metalgaze back in the MSAs, it's in full force and stronger than ever. We were this close to having an actual competition in the melodeath category, but, you know, At The Gates had to release something excellent and it's about time we started talking about their victory in the past tense already. It's not like we didn't know that Omnium Gatherum would clean house if those groovy Gothenburgians didn't get the spot, but... One of these years we'll have an underdog win it. One of these years.

In a neighboring ventricle, we're going to play a little game with this year's black metal category: vote for your third choice rather than your first two. Immortal have already won by the simple fact of their nomination, and we're willing to bet the entire $4.39 value of Metal Storm's bank account that Drudkh is going to be camped out on the second tallest snow-capped peak. We know you people don't actually read this text, so we'll take this opportunity to state once and for all that anyone who votes for Immortal is a pleb and a poser (although it was a pretty good album, and we did nominate it...). This is all in good fun, though - after all, we say every year that the winners and losers don't make the Metal Storm Awards great: it's every nominee who got in fair and square and every user who makes the most of this time to check out some new bands. We put in all this effort for the love of the music and because we want to share our favorite bands with you; the folks who "win" the Metal Storm Awards are the people who get something out of it for themselves, a new favorite album from last year or a new band to watch or a new genre that has been opened up to them. With that in mind, write-in votes for Machine Head are punishable by a permanent ban and staff-issued graffiti on the lifeless shell of your profile.

All that meandering and waffling and space-filling is to say that we're pleased to present the 2018 Metal Storm Awards and we hope you make the most of the smorgasbord of new recommendations available to you. As always, voting runs through the entire month of February, so until midnight March 1st by the site's time (that's 0000, not 2400 for you freaks out there), you're free to make your choices; we have all the important genre categories, a few special write-in categories, and a symphonic metal category.

Well, go ahead and knock yourselves out - but not before you've remembered to vote for Chthonic in folk**.

** The editor's remarks do not necessarily represent the incorrect opinions of the rest of the Metal Storm staff.

Feel free to comment on what we got right - or what we got wrong - here.

Metal Storm Staff