Metallica - Death Magnetic

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Release date: 12 September 2008
Style: Thrash metal


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Disc I [CD]
01. That Was Just Your Life
02. The End Of The Line
03. Broken, Beat & Scarred
04. The Day That Never Comes
05. All Nightmare Long
06. Cyanide
07. The Unforgiven III
08. The Judas Kiss
09. Suicide & Redemption
10. My Apocalypse

Disc II [CD] [Demo Magnetic]
01. Hi Guy
02. Neinteen
03. Black Squirrel
04. Casper
05. Flamingo
06. German Soup
07. UN3
08. Gymbag
09. K2LU
10. Ten

Disc III [DVD] [Making Magnetic]
+ That Was Just Your Life
+ The End Of The Line
+ Broken, Beat & Scarred
+ The Day That Never Comes
+ All Nightmare Long
+ Cyanide
+ The Unforgiven III
+ The Judas Kiss
+ Suicide & Redemption
+ My Apocalypse

The Best Heavy Metal Album Of 2008 /The Biggest Surprise Of 2008

Additional info
Recorded from 12 March 2007 to May 2008 in Los Angeles, California by Greg Fidelman and Mike Gillies.
Produced by Rick Rubin and Metallica.
Mixed by Greg Fidelman and Andrew Scheps.
Mastered by Ted Jensen.

Piano by James Hetfield.
Strings arranged and conducted by David Campbell.

Staff review by
It's always very difficult to analyze what Metallica has created, seems as normal criteria doesn't apply to them, so I might as well just get this off my chest - if „Death Magnetic" wasn't a Metallica album, I would probably rate it pretty darn close to ten stars. However, since I too have the impressive legacy of their previous works to consider, I will not. This of course technically makes me a whore - that's fair, I digest. But numbers and stars aside, do I think this is a good album?

published 12.09.2008 | Comments (143)

Guest review by
Metallica made fans to wait 5 years for a new album,again.The first Wait was between ''Metallica'' and ''Load'',the second was between ''Garage inc.'' and ''St.Anger''. And the last one between ''St.Anger'' and this album:''Death Magnetic''. ''Load'' and ''St.Anger'' were disappointments, is ''Death Magnetic'' another disappointment? Hell no.

published 04.05.2009 | Comments (31)

Guest review by
After St. Anger's dismal fallout, Metallica definitely needed to shake their foundations if they were going to retain their fame, fortune and most of all, their following. Luckily, they did, and quite efficiently too, as new album Death Magnetic distinctly restores their credibility.

To help themselves out, they brought in major league producer Rick Rubin (of Slayer, System Of A Down and Johnny Cash fame), who seems to have gauged the perfect balance between the grittier edge of Metallica's classic sound circa And Justice For All and the music they tried (not so successfully) to inject into St Anger.

published 03.01.2010 | Comments (18)

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07.10.2011 - 02:02
Rating: 8
Angelic Storm
Written by Troy Killjoy on 07.10.2011 at 01:55
Exactly. It goes both ways, that's what happens when you make it big. You can never please everyone, but you can always disappoint someone.

This is very true. It's impossible if you're a big band to please everyone. And some people will disown a band once they make it big purely because they prefer it when a band is like some great secret that they think no-one else knows about. Metallica are a band that illicits blind praise and blind hate in almost equal measure, and I think because of this, many people cannot judge Metallica's music completely and totally on it's own merits. I personally think "Death Magnetic" has some great moments, but it's also a bit disjointed and messy. It's no way as good as the first 4 albums, but it's still a good album imo. And yes, no matter what a band does, they will disappoint someone. People bash Slayer for not changing, yet other bands get bashed for changing... you cant win!
03.11.2011 - 01:40
Rating: 9
Metallica has arrived with death magnetic. Definetely their best album since the black album, not saying that load,reload and st anger are bad
15.12.2011 - 03:35
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
And then came LULU...
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
16.12.2011 - 00:38
Rating: 7
For the people who are old enough to have witnessed the vinyl era:
I consider Death Magnetic as a single with "All Nightmare Long" (the best song since "Blackened") at the A-side and "That Was Just Your Life" at the B-side.

I really hoped DM would be an omen of the rebirth of Metallica, a band that I used to purpose to be dead after the Black Album, a cd full of radio airplay stuff (except "The Struggle Within", a pretty cool song i.m.h.o.) and "(Re)Load" of Boredom and "St. Anger", on which Kirk seemed to suffer from muscle-contractions that restrained him from delivering any guitarsolo.

But now, after 4 years of waiting, we "enjoy" the album "Lulu" with Metallica as Lou Reed's escort band.

Once Metallica fired Dave Mustaine for drinking and fucking too much and forgetting to be a musician, now vengeance is at Dave & Co's side.
One day Metallica will strike back. We call this science-fiction.
23.02.2012 - 16:29
Rating: 7

I drink moosepiss
02.03.2012 - 20:04
Rating: 9
A new style more agressive but they play more like they do in the past. A good one expect better for the future
01.06.2012 - 01:59
Rating: 9
Metallica returns to its roots and it's nice.
02.08.2012 - 07:37
Rating: 7
Very nice return to thrash but just some rough edges. "That Was Just Your LIfe" is a pretty good intro and sounds like something a great budding thrash band in the 80's would have written although it pales in comparison to something like blackened or battery. .5/5
13.10.2012 - 00:40
Account deleted
I bet the next album will suck more than this one...
04.11.2012 - 16:35
Account deleted
Metallica lost their way a long time ago and this attempt at past glory is only just passable. It feels clunky and the thing it does is highlight how far away they have drifted in the 90's and 2000's.
'All Nightmare Long' does sound like something that could have been forged in the 80s however, and there are some other commendable efforts.
04.11.2012 - 22:32
Account deleted
Its a good comeback from the giant band Metallica, but it cant touch the greatness of the 80s. There are too many bad songs and the production is pathetic. And dont get me wrong but i cant stand Hetfields voice anymore. Metallica are overrated anyway.
13.11.2012 - 10:53
Rating: 6
Secundum Filium
Meh, even Load is better than this. This is such a half-assed attempt to win back the old-school thrash fans; a lot of mediocre songs (the bland instrumental Suicide and Redemption is especially a culprit) and a WAY-overproduced sound (just because you can make your album "louder", doesn't mean the album is going to automatically "kick ass", just saying ).
Ordinary men hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe (Lao Tzu).
22.12.2012 - 15:52
Nemo Atkins
I barely listen to this any more. And I used to be a pretty big Metallica fan! I think there are three serious flaws with this album which are part of the reason I don't tend to listen to it:

1. The horrendous production. To sum up my problems with it, it's far too loud, the bass is practically inaudible and, even on low volumes, it's headache inducing.
2. The drumming is pretty poor. I know Lars isn't the best drummer in metal (I'd probably argue either Dave Lombardo or Gene Hoglan deserve that position, with a slight lean towards Hoglan after his awesome drumming on Testament's recent album), but his drumming on this is easily the weakest performance on this album (especially on some of the faster tracks, where he sounds like he's struggling to keep up with the music). Everyone else does pretty good, though.
3. The material is so consistently average (by thrash standards: by normal standards, it's not too shabby) that it's not funny. Exceptions being "Suicide And Redemption" (which I'm still convinced is a song they couldn't think of lyrics to and shouldn't have been released in the first place) and "All Nightmare Long" (which I think is pretty good by thrash standards and, had the production been more tolerable, probably would have been on my playlist of favourite songs).
28.12.2012 - 00:26
Rating: 6
Nihil's Maw
I think this was a somewhat decent comeback. A bit better Black Album, and much better than Load and onward, but not as good as ...And Justice for All and albums before it.
20.03.2013 - 20:45
Rating: 8
John Sandman
The guitar hero version sounds way better than the cd version.
01.03.2014 - 10:39
Rating: 6
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
Written by deadone on 01.03.2014 at 00:36

This would've been an awesome album had Rick Rubin not fucked the sound up.

The songwriting is the real issue though, and this stuff is just pretty average compared to their first four albums. I don't think Rick Rubin was writing any songs here.
The sun shines over The Fool...
03.03.2014 - 00:11
Account deleted
Hmm, speaking of overlong and repetitive, this album's 74 minute long length is undoubtedly one of the biggest issues, along with that atrocious production. Only enough songwriting here to justify an album half that long, and what actual songwriting there is is rather average.
02.09.2014 - 14:27
Rating: 6
Gem Seeker
What I think about Death Magnetic production.

02.09.2014 - 20:12
Rating: 6
That Was Just Your Life, All Nightmare Long, The Judas Kiss, Suicide & Redemption all had a lot of potential and with a little more tweaking and a less shitty production I would probably have revisited those songs from time to time. (those four songs alone are over 30 minutes so cutting some filler riffs/moments would have done a lot too)
And the tears that we will weep today
Will all be washed away
By the tears that we will weep again tomorrow
01.01.2015 - 00:59
Rating: 7
This is not bad album, but it could be better. While some tracks are really good, especially "That Was Just Your Life" and "All Nightmare Long", others like "The Unforgiven III" and "Cyanide" are relatively mediocre. 67/100.
30.03.2015 - 15:06
Rating: 8
The Melting Snow
Heard this album today after a couple years.

Since it's release I must've heard several hundred albums and I can't help but feel that this album too was a gem in musicianship, songwriting and compositions. Much much better than the stuff I've heard since then.

It might have a couple weaknesses, but I think the biggest weakness is the name "Metallica" attached to the album. People hate the music even before it's released. I think Hetfield and company should make an anonymous band and then release a similar album, it'll be right up there on the top charts everywhere.
31.03.2015 - 01:41
Account deleted
You know you screwed up when even St. Anger is better than this crap.
31.03.2015 - 08:26
Rating: 7
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
Why so much hate toward Death Magnetic?

I liked it. At least, it sounds better than what I was expecting. I remember that they introduce a new song on tour and people expected big turd from new album. Turns out it was good.

Production was big letdown.
11.08.2015 - 04:48
Wow the guitar hero rip sounds much better than the "normal" version.
Never trust a junkie.
29.10.2015 - 14:07
Rating: 8
Burning inside
Written by Maco on 11.08.2015 at 04:48

Wow the guitar hero rip sounds much better than the "normal" version.

I have the CD but generally only listen to the GH version, the normal version is just a wall of sound. To me this album deserves better than its current 7.4 rating, but I guess its production works against it. I still don't understand how they could let it go with such a shitty production...
18.11.2015 - 20:03
What's up with Metallica not having released a proper album since this one in 2008. Just a bunch of EP's and shit since.
That's a long hiatus.
18.11.2015 - 21:58
Rating: 6
Wandering Midget
Written by b0sse on 18.11.2015 at 20:03

What's up with Metallica not having released a proper album since this one in 2008. Just a bunch of EP's and shit since.
That's a long hiatus.

They're recording guitars as we speak. That means the drums are done already.
21.01.2017 - 04:08
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
An awesome, band lost and post crisis, suckism period from load -re load - suck anger, basically good combacke, more thm roots (lates more garage punk), damn actually this is kick ass album, now after 10 years something I can apriciate it
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
11.08.2018 - 01:36
Rating: 9
Written by masterofpeace95 on 03.11.2011 at 01:40

Metallica has arrived with death magnetic. Definetely their best album since the black album, not saying that load,reload and st anger are bad

Load, Reload, and St. Anger were bad my friend. In fact, St Anger was an absolute abortion of a Metallica album. However, I will say if any other band (such as Linkin Park, koRn, Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, etc) had released St Anger, then it wouldn't have gotten so much hate.
06.10.2019 - 03:04
Rating: 6
Metal Rambo
Pretty decent, but not great. Too bad they screwed up the production big time, otherwise this could've been at least above average mainstream metal album.
Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

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