Heretic Soul - Life Becomes Our Grave [EP]

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Release date: 2008
Style: Death metal


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01. As We Rot (Intro)
02. 21 Grams
03. Life Becomes Our Grave
04. No Apocalypse
05. Sick Malice
06. Faceless

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Style: Death Metal
Country: Turkey
Label: Self-Released
Length: 23.43
Recorded: 2007

Erhan Karaca - Drums
Sarp Keski - Vocals, guitars
Orcun Kocakoc - Bass

I haven't heard a lot of Turkish Death Metal (in fact the only other band that instantly springs to mind is Nettlethrone) in my time, but that which I have stumbled upon has been rather good. After only a few spins of this CD, "Life Becomes Our Grave" by Heretic Soul, I feel that this trend is only continuing. Life Becomes Our Grave is this three-piece's second release after their "Everything Is Meaningless And Grey" demo. I haven't heard their first demo, but it does make me interested in hearing it after listening to this EP.

published 12.02.2008 | Comments (2)

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