Pennywise - Reason To Believe

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Release date: 25 March 2008
Style: Melodic hardcore, Punk rock


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01. (Intro) As Long As We Can
02. One Reason
03. Faith and Hope
04. Something to Live For
05. All We Need
06. The Western World
07. We'll Never Know
08. Confusion
09. Nothing to Lose
10. It's Not Enough to Believe
11. You Get the Life You Choose
12. Affliction
13. Brag, Exaggerate & Lie
14. Die for You
15. Next in Line
16. One Nation
17. Just One More Day

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Hardcore Punk / Crossover
2008 Myspace Records USA

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Pennywise was always the dark horse of 90s melodic "pop" hardcore and this is because unlike most bands of their ilk, their convictions always seemed genuine. Sure, they played in roughly the same style as Green Day or The Offspring (not to mention the pioneers NOFX and Bad Religion); however, their lyrics were always a stout rebellion against the gritty reality of the modern world and their music, being faster and more metallic than the genre norm, put them closer to NYHC crossover stalwarts such as Sick Of It All or Agnostic Front in terms of credibility. Since their sound hasn't really evolved much over the years, it was always the attitude that was most important in a Pennywise record. For this reason, Reason To Believe is one of the band's most important releases, and maybe one of the two that most people should certainly hear.

published 29.05.2008 | Comments (40)

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