Centaurus-A - Side Effects Expected

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Release date: 2 March 2009
Style: Death metal


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01. The Praying Mantis
02. Narcotic
03. Drop Off
04. Morning Tremble
05. The Ease
06. Incident/Accident
07. Arson
08. Dripping Red Canvas
09. Selfmade Cage
10. Resistance Ain't Futile

Staff review by
There are two problems that people might have with a release like Side Effects Expected, the technical death/thrash debut of Germany's Centaurus-A.

First of all, who exactly is this album for? It is not Necrophagist and it is not Coroner either - neo-classical shred guitars are often accompanied here by rather straight forward riffs, dual lead runs end in breakdowns and the song structures tend to opt for being memorable rather than mind blowing. The result is something that might be too simplistic for the tech-freaks out there but not groovy and dynamic enough for those of us who prefer thrash. Luckily, an alternative point of view on this issue is that Centarus-A simply offers the golden compromise between uber-technical wankery and dynamic compositional substance. You get the best of two worlds in songs like the very catchy "Drop Off", the relatively predictable "Arson" and in how the Coroner-inspired riffs mix with blasts of technical death in what are probably the best songs on this album - "Dripping Red Canvas" and "Selfmade Cage".

published 08.04.2009 | Comments (6)

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