Genius: A Rock Opera - Episode 1: A Human Into Dreams' World

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Release date: 2002
Style: Symphonic power metal


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01. Without Me Today
02. The Right Place
03. Paradox
04. The Glory Of Our Land
05. All Of Your Acts
06. Dreams
07. My Pride
08. There's A Human
09. Father
10. Terminate
11. I'm Afraid

Additional info
Daniele Liverani: All Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Dario Ciccioni: Drums & Percussions

Cast of characters:
Mark Boals: 'Genius'
Lana Lane: 'Doorkeeper'
Daniel Gildenlow: 'Twinspirit n.32'
Chris Boltendahl: 'Stationmaster'
Joe Vana: 'King Mc Chaos Consultant'
John Wetton: 'King Mc Chaos'
Steve Walsh: 'King Wild Tribe'
Oliver Hartmann: 'King Wild Tribe Consultant'
Midnight: 'Maindream'
Philip Bynoe: 'Storyteller'
Olaf Senkbeil, Hachy Hackmann, Chris Boltendahl: 'Choirs'

Additional backing vocals on 'The Right Place' by Rita Celli
Additional backing vocals on 'All Of Your Acts' by Thom Griffin


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04.07.2016 - 22:55
Rating: 9
This could very might be the best of all these "metal operas" albums (if you exclude Ayreon), it's cheesy as hell but music wise it's holds for the most part a very high standard. There are some weak moments, "Paradox" is a 10 minute mess and "The Right Place" sounds like a Disney ballad gone wrong. Then we have the good stuff, "Without Me Today" and "I'm Afraid" are both very proggy and has a excellent flow to them with great solos and melodies. The fastest track on the album is "Terminate" and it features the one and only John "Midnight" Mcdonald and he owns this track, a fast prog metal winner. Or wait "There's a Human" is also damn fast and nearly as good. "The Glory Of Our Land" got Chris Boltendahl on vocals giving us a catchy verse and chorus. "Dreams" sounds like a good Royal Hunt track, "All of Your Acts" got some AOR touch to it and "Father" is a dramatic ballad-like number with no one other than John Wetton on vocals (that raises the album a whole star!).

As I said it's extremely cheesy, the story is boring and there's a annoying guy between the songs telling a bit of story. Apart from that this is a excellent and forgotten cd. Daniele Liverani plays all guitar, bass and keyboards, impressive stuff!

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