Sympathy - Anagogic Tyranny

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Release date: 11 November 2008
Style: Technical death metal


5 have it

01. Insurrection
02. And All Flesh
03. On A Bloodied Cross
04. Ours The Grave
05. Perfection In Death
06. Enslaved By Depravity
07. Underworld
08. Forgotten Temples
09. The Iscariot Aspect: Fides Quarens Intellectum
10. Potter's Field: Hic Occultus Occulto Occisus Est

Guest review by
Tristus Scriptor
Ah, Sympathy. They are a treasure nestled firmly within the recesses of metal's shadow-realm. No, this does not mean that they are the most evil band in the land. In fact, many little details would prove otherwise. (This is an irrelevant issue that I do not wish to focus on, especially since their rabid delivery could scare the pants off of a good percentage of "satanic" bands.) They simply seem to be unknown to the bulk of death metal's fanbase. They dwell in the same shadows as do such greats as Brutality and Resurrection; which is a blissful corner of the metal world that contains bands that could eat many of the genre's better-known bands for breakfast.

published 17.06.2012 | Comments (4)

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