Knut - Terraformer

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Release date: 7 November 2005
Style: Math metal, Metalcore, Sludge metal


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01. 7.08
02. Wyriwys
03. Kyoto
04. Torvalds
05. Seattle
06. Bollingen
07. Solar Flare
08. Fallujah
09. Genoa
10. Davos
11. Evian
12. Fibonacci Unfolds

Additional info
Basic tracking recorded live, 26-28 November 2004; overdubs & vocals recorded first semester of 2005. Recorded at Terrier 5, Geneva by Jerome Pellegrini.

Guest appearance by Jerome Pellegrini - guitar on track 7.


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26.08.2014 - 00:44
Rating: 7
Giant robot
Going on with the updates on the Knut albums, Joe. This one is much less violent than Challenger and goes a lot more "post-" if you know what I mean. It's great though. It's also a little more complex in terms of song structure than what I remember hearing on Bastardiser. I didn't hear much of the "technical" side either in this one. Most of the tracks are instrumental. It's really just heavy post-metal, maybe not even sludge anymore.
26.08.2014 - 13:26
Account deleted
I think I may have heard this one. Sounds like it's worth visiting if you give it an 8, which is the same as 12 in most other people's scoring system
26.08.2014 - 13:54
Rating: 7
Giant robot
Haha. I'm giving it a quick listen right now, to confirm that vote. Also, I have to add something to that first comment. The album starts like "regular" sludge, and gets less heavy after each track. the second half is almost instrumental only, and very "post-". I exaggerated when I said it wasn't sludge. I should have said all the tracks weren't.

Maybe it's more of a seven, after all. But it still equals an 11 for other people. Yet it's definitely good, don't get me wrong.
27.08.2014 - 04:26
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Technical Sludge eh? Should check this.
Checkout my band here!
27.08.2014 - 12:38
Rating: 7
Giant robot
Written by Boxcar Willy on 27.08.2014 at 04:26

Technical Sludge eh? Should check this.

I just said in the comments it's not technical at all . If you want technical, listen to Challenger.

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