Cain's Dinasty - Madmen, Witches And Vampires

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Release date: 30 December 2010
Style: Power metal


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01. Breaking The Bloodlines
02. After Death Still You Play With Me
03. Waiting For Death
04. Devil May Cry
05. Clarimonda
06. My Last Sunrise
07. Miss Terror
08. Bring Me Your Blood
09. A Void In My Heart
10. Fuck You Forever

Staff review by
The dictionary contains a word "dynasty". Nevertheless, this Valencian power act calls themselves Cain's Dinasty. Whether it's an artistic spelling slip or are there other reasons, that's not the main topic anyway. This group's speciality are vampires and this is also reflected in their second album called Madmen, Witches And Vampires. The group's first album Legacy Of Blood caught the attention of potential audience with the cover depicting three vampire ladies making out and fondling breasts. The second album's cover art features some not sexy zombies but at least the hot breasts of the central vampire lady do adorn the cover. In fact, breasts should be featured more in album cover art. They add a lot.

published 09.02.2011 | Comments (6)

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