Adamanter - The Shadow Mirror

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Release date: 2003
Style: Power metal


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01. Minstrel Of Pain I, Immemory
02. Minstrel Of Pain II, Killing Ride
03. Minstrel Of Pain III, The Shadow Mirror
04. Minstrel Of Pain IV, Theatre Of Madness
05. Minstrel Of Pain V, Darkness To The End
06. Bloodstorm
07. A Leaf In The Whirl
08. Elisewin
09. Dancing Through The Cloud
10. Father
11. The Dark And The Ocean

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Demonic Tutor
Adamanter is an Italian band, formed in 1997, which plays something close to the phrase "melodic-heavy-prog-power metal". But honestly, the production of this album is so awful that it's almost impossible to define the music. I've never heard something that terrible, I think I would have done better in the smallest garage in the world: guitars and keyboards are inaudible, drums sound like half-empty trash cans and, on top of it, the vocals are simply unbearable, the main singer has a cold voice and the background vocals must have been recorded at a karaoke session in a submarine.

published 27.09.2003 | Comments (1)

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