Frameshift - An Absence Of Empathy

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Release date: 1 March 2005
Style: Progressive rock


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01. Human Grain (An Absence Of Empathy)
02. Just One More (Murder I - Serial Killer)
03. Miseducation (Violence In Schools I - The Teacher)
04. I Killed You (Murder II - Impulse Killer)
05. This Is Gonna Hurt (Torture I - Torturing)
06. Push The Button (War I - Modern War / Impersonal)
07. In An Empty Room (Rape I - The Victim)
08. Outcast (Violence In Schools II - School Shooting)
09. Blade (War II - Historical War / Personal)
10. How Long Can I Resist (Rape II - The Assailant)
11. When I Look Into My Eyes (Torture II - Being Tortured)
12. What Kind Of Animal (Human Grain - Part II)

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Bach is back!

Frameshift is the brainchild of Henning Pauly, if you were around, maybe you caught Frameshift's debut album, "Unweaving The Rainbow" with James LaBrie from Dream Theater fame on vocals.

Due to the busy schedules of LaBrie, Pauly had to hire another talented singer, Sebastian Bach. If you don't know him maybe you'll remember if you go back in time and listen to some Skid Row, band of the aforementioned singer. If you were fan of Skid Row and you were wondering of the whereabouts of the singer, the answer is simple, he left the Metal/Hard Rock scene and went over Broadway to pursue a career there, he appeared in plays like "The Rocky Horror Show" and "Jesus Christ Superstar", and once again he was acclaimed as the great singer he is.

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