Motorjesus - Deathrider

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Release date: 2006
Style: Heavy metal, Stoner metal


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01. Legion Of Rock
02. Destroyer
03. 10 Feet Under Ground
04. Deathrider
05. Distortion Sleep
06. The Howling
07. The Undertaken
08. Hellmachine
09. Invisible Man
10. Black Fuel Domination
11. Death Hammer Overload
12. The Evil

Additional info
Heavy / Hard Rock
Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution in France (and to buy the album)
Germany: 2006
Length: 47:08

Vocals: Chris Birx
Guitars: Andreas Peters
Guitars: Guido Reuss
Bass: Mark Neschen
Drums: Oliver Beck

Staff review by
Motorjesus comes from Germany and plays a good old Hard FM. "Deathrider" is the second album of the band and if you're a nostalgic of the beginning of the 90's, this release will probably be for you. I don't say that "Deathrider" is revolutionary evidently, but well it's good to listen to this release and there are some good things in this album…

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