Exodus - Blood In, Blood Out

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Release date: 14 October 2014
Style: Bay Area thrash metal


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Disc I
01. Black 13 [feat. Dan the Automator]
02. Blood In, Blood out
03. Collateral Damage
04. Salt The Wound [feat. Kirk Hammett]
05. Body Harvest
06. BTK [feat. Chuck Billy]
07. Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage
08. My Last Nerve
09. Numb
10. Honor Killings
11. Food For The Worms
12. Angel Of Death [Angel Witch cover] [Limited Edition bonus]
13. Protect Not Dissect [feat. Anthony "Rat" Martin] [The Varukers cover] [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [Special Edition DVD]
+ "Blood Upon The Goat" making-of footage
+ Behind-the-scenes tour footage
+ Footage from Kirk Hammett's Fear FestEVIL After Party at San Diego Comic-Con

Steve "Zetro" Souza - vocals
Lee Altus - guitars
Gary Holt - guitars
Tom Hunting - drums
Jack Gibson - bass

Guest musicians
Dan The Automator - samples
Kirk Hammett - guitars
Chuck Billy - vocals
Anthony "Rat" Martin - vocals

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Who exactly are the "Big 4" of thrash metal is a highly debated topic among metal music veterans for what seems now all of eternity. Everyone can agree with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer but the fourth band gets a bit tricky depending on who you ask.

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24.01.2015 - 21:10
Rating: 8
Jope of Steele
Good album, pretty close to classic Exodus material.
Freedom is a state of mind-not freedom from something but a sense of freedom, a freedom to doubt and question all and therefore so intense, active and vigorous that it throws away every form of dependence, slavery, conformity and acceptance-J Krishnamurti
05.03.2015 - 03:38
Obviously Zetro sounds tired because he already did a pretty decent performance with Hatriot.
Never trust a junkie.
29.06.2015 - 20:31
Rating: 8
Took me a while to get use to this album but now that im more familiar with it i gotta say theres something special about exodus with zetro back in the band, they almost got the exodus sound back (they need rick hunolt back in order for that to happen) my only complain is that the guitar solos use to be better written in past exodus albums, the ones on here feel like they are just here for the sake of having guitar solos, i know these guys can write better solos

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