Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence

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Release date: 20 October 2017
Style: Thrash metal, Alternative metal


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01. The Sin And The Sentence
02. Beyond Oblivion
03. Other Worlds
04. The Heart From Your Hate
05. Betrayer
06. The Wretchedness Inside
07. Endless Night
08. Sever The Hand
09. Beauty In The Sorrow
10. The Revanchist
11. Thrown Into The Fire

The Biggest Surprise Of 2017

Staff review by
omne metallum
I don't know what sin produces a sentence like this but It's time to go on a sin spree.

published 22.09.2020 | Comments (2)

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18.10.2017 - 11:23
Rating: 9
So far all the tracks i've heard sound promising. Even 'The Heart From Your Hate', which is the most generic track but is more appealing than anything on their previous album. Hoping this album is one of the bigger surprises of the year.

Edit: I wasn't disappointed. Best Trivium album in years!
20.10.2017 - 17:50
Rating: 9
Much respect!!! A strong and grown up album, not too melodic, just enough (it's the spec I hate the most on this band). The rhythmic section is very powerful! It has plenty of thrash metal riffs. A special note for Alex Bent's work on drums! It is evident his past death metal work. He fits perfectly on Trivium.
It is impressive how Trivium surpassed Machine Head on their own style, even though they have never intended to reach such milestone!!
20.10.2017 - 17:58
Rating: 8
High Fist Prog
Even though it's clearly every 2 years the band releases and album, it feels like it's every other month I should probably try one of these albums to see if they have gotten any better.
20.10.2017 - 18:00
Rating: 9
Written by LeKiwi on 20.10.2017 at 17:58

Even though it's clearly every 2 years the band releases and album, it feels like it's every other month I should probably try one of these albums to see if they have gotten any better.

This one is definitely way better than the previous!
21.10.2017 - 14:13
Rating: 9
Wtf I wasn't expecting this. I was expecting somewhat marginally better than the mediocre Silence in the Snow, but this goes right up to one of their bests. There are some sections here that are some of the heaviest things they made in their career.

In Vengeance Falls there were some catchy songs. This one seems like Vengeance Falls on steroids: catchy and way heavier. A lot of people are saying that is their best since Shogun, and that is quite accurate, but the sound here is not quite Shogun, it's something else.
22.10.2017 - 23:35
The new Trivium is good? I thought they were lost forever, trudging aimlessly in the wasteland of mediocrity. A strong contender for the 'surprise of the year' award alongside the new album of The Faceless (assuming it will actually be released...).
Interesting times indeed.
Li'ed - Prog-Metal from Jerusalem
24.10.2017 - 01:51
Rating: 9
Their best album yet... since shogun...and to be honest, their heaviest and most well-crafted... in my opinion for sure! I also think that their new drummer brings something new and fresh... without putting heaviness and technicality aside... for me it's a 9 out of 10 and a contender for best surprise of 2017 award!
25.10.2017 - 09:23
Rating: 9
Aries Rising
There best since Shogun, might even be their best.
07.11.2017 - 20:45
Rating: 9
Amazing how the drums make or break an album. Keep this guy!
07.11.2017 - 21:58
I'm really impressed by how they can reinvent themselves after each and every albums
15.11.2017 - 23:32
Rating: 7
Not too bad, a pleasant surprise. Lots of great solos, riffs and heavy passages.
However it still suffers from some of the 'mainstream' tendencies and cheesy lyrics that turned me off their recent releases, so I'd rate this as their fifth best.
06.12.2017 - 10:33
Rating: 8
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
A welcome return to form for these guys. A nice surprise. New drummer obviously adds a lot but some catchy riffs and good solos here and there. That song "Endless Night" actually reminds me of the Foo Fighters.
The sun shines over The Fool...
09.12.2017 - 06:36
The Wretchedness Inside is sooo sick. all 11 songs are A+, buy this album its worth it!
15.12.2017 - 14:29
Rating: 9
I thought they were done for ealier this year, this one proves me wrong, what a pleasant surprise.
28.01.2018 - 11:10
Rating: 10
For me this is best metal album of 2017.
I hear this about 100 times
04.02.2018 - 05:30
Rating: 9
Shoutout to Sever the Hand, one of my new favorite Trivium songs
04.02.2018 - 18:35
Rating: 8
At best deranged
After the Disappointment of Silence In The Snow, this was a welcome return to form. Probably my second favourite behind Shogun (though it's really close between the two tbh).
29.12.2018 - 09:24
Rating: 9
I can never decide whether I hate or love this band. But what is obvious is that this album was better than everyone's expectations. And of course "Beyond Oblivion" sure is a killer for me.
27.09.2020 - 05:41
Rating: 6
Troy Killjoy
Not my style by any means but if anyone is looking for some grade-A contemporary radio rock, this is it. Ticks all those boxes and then some. Generic sing-along choruses for the bros to "sing" along to, impressively varied rhythmic section to sustain the melodies, and simplistic enough overall for the local high school band to cover (although the drummer will have a bit more to chew on). Packs about as much punch as you'd expect for a dad metal band -- like Lamb Of God with clean vocals and melody in place of groove.
I have no memory of this place.

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