Trivium - Trivia

The song Anthem (We Are the Fire) is featured in the soundtrack of the videogame Saints Row 2. It can be heard on the radiostation "Krunch 106.66".
Trivium formed in 2000 when the band witnessed Matt Heafy perform at a high school talent show, singing The Offspring's 'Self Esteem'. He was asked to join the group afterwards.
Matt Heafy appears in the Machine Head video "Aesthetics of Hate"
Matt Heafy used to play guitar for Orlando black metal band 'Mindscar' alongside Mike Radford. He is also a big fan of the Final Fantasy Franchise.
In Metal Hammer magazine, it reveals that the tattoo on Matt Heafy's left forearm depicts a famous Japanese mythological scene by the 19th century master painter Yoshitoshi, which tells the story of a demon that terrorized Rashomon Gate, whose only match is a famous samurai warrior.