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Country: USA
Label: Roadrunner Records

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Formed in: 2000

2000-2005 Metalcore
2003- Alternative thrash metal


2000-  Matt Heafy - guitars, vocals
2003-  Corey Beaulieu - guitars, vocals
2004-  Paolo Gregoletto - bass, vocals
2017-  Alex Hernandez-Bent - drums
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2000  Richie Brown - bass
2000  Brad Lewter - vocals
2000  Matt Schuler - guitars
2000-2001  Jarred Bonaparte - bass
2000-2001  Brent Young - guitars
› 2001-2004  -//- bass
2000-2009  Travis Smith - drums
2001-2003  George Moore - guitars
2010-2014  Nick Augusto - drums
2015-2017  Paul Wandtke - drums
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2015  Mat Madiro - drums
2009  Nick Augusto - drums
2014-2015  Mat Madiro - drums


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Trivium baffles me. As much as I thought their original style was not particularly interesting to begin with, it is extremely strange for any band to simply throw their old sound out of the window in favor of something else. Yes, this is very strange...   Review by jupitreas ››
The word trivium is an academic term from the middle ages used to describe the three subjects that were taught in universities at that time. It also serves as the root for the word trivial and indeed, Trivium more that lives up to its name as not only...   Review by jupitreas ››

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