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Also known as Foetus Under Glass, You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel, Foetus Interruptus

Country: Australia
Links: Official website

Formed in: 1981

1981- Post-Punk
1981- Industrial
1981- Experimental


1981-  J.G. Thirlwell - vocals, all instruments


1981 Deaf
1982 Ache
1984 Hole 9.5
1985 Nail 8.8
1988 Thaw 9
1995 Gash 9.5
2001 Flow 8.5
2005 Love 8.3
2010 Hide 8.5
1982 Custom Built For Capitalism [EP]
1987 Bedrock [EP]
1995 Null [EP]
1981 Wash It All Off/333 [Single]
1981 OKFM/Spite Your Face [Single]
1982 Tell Me, What Is The Bane Of Your Life [Single]
1984 Calamity Crush [Single]
1985 Wash & Slog [Single]
1985 Finely Honed Machine [Single]
1987 Ramrod [Single]
1988 Rife [Live]
1989 Sink [Compilation]
1990 Butterfly Potion [Single]
1992 Male [Live]
1992 Mesomorph Enduros [VA]
1994 Vice Squad Dick [Single]
1995 Verklemmt/Be Thankful [Single]
1996 Überschall 1996 [Single]
1996 Boil [Live]
2001 Blow [Compilation]
2002 Thank You! A Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy [VA]
2004 (Not Adam) [Single]
2006 Damp [Live]
2007 Vein [Compilation]
2009 Limb [Compilation]

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ALADDIN and his alter ego ALADDIN REVERSE are sitting opposite each other in a dark room. Heavy rain can be heard in the background. They are both looking at the new Foetus album, situated on a table in front of them.

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Foetus is in a world of his own and has been there for the last quarter of a century. Although his eccentric style has been vastly influential for dozens of bands (the most notable of which is NIN and the entire industrial-rock genre), JG Thirlwell's...   Review by jupitreas ››


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