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Also known as Battleheart (2004-2007)

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Folk metal
2004- Power metal


2004-  Christopher Bowes - vocals, keyboards
2009-  Gareth "Gazz" Murdock - bass
2010-  Peter "Pete" Alcorn - drums
2011-  Elliot Vernon - keyboards, vocals
2015-  Máté Bodor - guitars
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2004-2008  Gavin Harper - guitar
2006  Robin Hell - vocals
2006  Doug Swierczek - drums
2006  Jason Heeny - bass
2006-2008  Daniel "Dani" Evans - bass
› 2009-2015  -//- guitars
2007-2008  Ian Wilson - drums
› 2008-2010  -//-
2008  Tim Shaw - guitar
2008  Alex Tabisz - drums
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2008-  Brendan Casey - bass ('08), backing vocals
2008-2009  Migo "Oger Mampf" Wagner - drums
2009-  Tobias Hain - trumpet
2009-  Gordon Krei - programming, brass and orchestral arrangements
2009  Austus Twele - great highland bagpipes
2009  Bee Bloodpunch - backing vocals
2009  Heinrich Gimpel - bass trombone
2009  Carsten Petersen - trumpet, cornet
2009  Mirjam Beyer - violin
2011  Hans-Jørgen Martinus Hansen - whistles
2011  Derek Fobaire - trombone
2011  Florian Frambach - trumpet
2011  Maria Odvody - violin
2011  Chris Jones (II) - accordion
2009  Heri Joensen - vocals
2008  Lasse Lammert - vibraslap, tambourine
› 2009  -//- guitar, backing vocals
› 2011  -//- guitar, vibraslap
2008  Chris Mummelthey - backing vocals
2009  Tim Shaw - backing vocals
2011  Robert Cranny - vocals
2011  Lord Jaldaboath - narration
2011  Heri Joensen - guitars
2011  Ken Sorceron - vocals

Latest reviews

Alestorm has developed a taste for songwriting that weighs heavily on party-style dance-metal tunes that could fly in any nightclub if they didn't smell so strongly of marine life, and No Grave But The Sea delivers the hearty "Mexico" and heavily hardcore "Alestorm" to follow up "Magnetic North" and the cover of Taio Cruz's "Hangover." It's good to see the band embrace such a fun, high-energy, and catchy style, especially because the strictly traditional folk metal sea shanties have begun to sound a little formulaic. I don't know if Alestorm could in good faith abandon its "serious" metal roots entirely and become a purely party band, but it's a shame they don't at least do so more often.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
As the metal world's premiere posse of scurvy Scottish scoundrels, Alestorm's job is to showcase their pirate shtick without completely overshadowing the music. While Back Through Time hosted a couple of new classics and even brought some new tricks to the table, "Scraping The Barrel" rang a little too true for most of the album. I feared that Alestorm had lost their touch, but Sunset On The Golden Age has revealed that to be merely the calm before the storm.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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