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Battleheart played their first live show only five days after the members had met for the first time.
"Wolves of the Sea" is a song performed by the Latvian musical project Pirates of the Sea. This song was chosen to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. It was very popular with the audience in the UK, receiving 10 points from them and with the Irish audience from whom they received 12 points. Eventually the song became 12th of 25th in the final.

The song has been covered Alestorm on their Leviathan EP.

The song "Wolves of the Sea" was written by four Swedish composers.
During the band's first ever live gig (June, 30th, 2006) under the name Battleheart, they ended up playing the song "Over The Seas" twice, due to the severe lack of songs to play.