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Also known as Ghostrider (1984-1985)

Country: Italy
Label: Scarlet Records

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Formed in: 1984
Broke up: 1989-1998

1984- Blackened thrash metal


1984-  Marco Pesenti - drums
1998-  Marcelo "Flegias" Santos - vocals
2008-  Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella - guitars
2008-  Gianluca "GL" Fontana - bass
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1984-1989  Paolo - bass
1984-1989  Ingo Veleno - vocals
1984-1989  Claudio (I) - guitars
› 1998-2005  -//-
1998-2008  John "Killer Bob" - bass
2005-2006  Andy (I) - guitars
2007-2009  Maxx - guitars
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2007  Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella - guitars
2006-  Andy (I) - guitars
2006-2008  Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella - guitars
2006  Cronos - spoken words
2006  Sonya Scarlet - vocals
2006  Federica Badalini - keyboards
2011  Leif Jensen - vocals

Latest reviews

Italian veterans Necrodeath, like many groups with 30 years and 11 albums to their names, like to play Motörhead roulette with their releases. They adhere to the same formula time after time, breaking ranks for nobody, and the quality of the album lies completely in the thrall of chance.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Black Thrash metal
Recorded: Quake Sound Studios, Italy 2009
Label: Scarlet Records
Total Running Time: 38:04

Good news everyone! Necrodeath are celebrating their 25 years of existence as a band!!! Hooray for exclamation points! With the idea of throwing...   Review by Thryce ››
God, the cover of this Cd is hilarious! The doll with the lipstick, the psycho in the background with the scissors and the blindfold, just great! Really made me laugh, and as you might know by now, I'm a total cover art racist! I love a good cover...   Review by Undercraft ››

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