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Country: France
Label: Thundering Records
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Formed in: 2000

2000- Heavy metal
2000- Power metal
2000- Thrash metal


2000-  Renaud Espeche - vocals
2000-  Cedric Sellier - guitars
2001-  Denis Malek - bass
2010-  Nicolas "Nico" Muller - drums
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2000-2001  Jean Michel Scali - drums
2000-2001  Laurent Pottentier - bass
2000-2005  Ludwig Laperche - guitars
2001-2010  Olivier Gavelle - drums
2005-2010  Gilles Giachino - guitars
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If there is a French band which never disappoints me, I will always give you one name, Kragens. I still don't understand how this band isn't more famous because with a lot of honesty I can tell you that it's one of our best combos (and...   Review by Jeff ››


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