1999-  Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen - bass
1999-  Hans Jørgen Ersvik - drums, vocals
2015-  Dmitry Soukhinin - guitars, vocals
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1999-2007  Christian Myhre - guitars
2001-2002  Kvile - guitars
2007-2011  Espen Tørressen Hangård - guitars
2011-2014  Håvard Østli - guitars
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Genuine unique death metal: now there's a rarity. Much like the torment of Tantalus that which is heralded as innovative typically turns out to be typical, and continually out of reach of expectations. Those that proffer such "gems" usually adopt the form of egregious exaggerators, the fruit of their offerings usually bearing little more than banal, overproduced death metal standard with only a cosmetic melding of keyboards and unnecessary, wasteful technicality.   Review by ››

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