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Country: USA
Label: Dark Descent Records

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Formed in: 2009

2009- Death metal
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2009-  Jamie Knox - drums
2009-  Damian Herring - bass, guitars, vocals
2009-  Matt Knox - guitars, vocals

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Horrendous are a busy band. It was just last year when they surprised us with their second album Ecdysis, which caused quite some impact on the death metal scene and I still keep it in mind as my favorite album of 2014. Now a year has passed, and out of nothing, the US-Americans announced that their third album is set for a release date before the end of 2015. Anareta is its name and we shall see if it can hold up to its predecessor.   Review by Windrider ››

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17.03.2017 USA, Charlotte, NC
18.03.2017 USA, Atlanta, GA
19.03.2017 USA, Tampa, FL
20.03.2017 USA, New Orleans, LA
21.03.2017 USA, Houston, TX
22.03.2017 USA, Dallas, TX
24.03.2017 USA, Phoenix, AZ (1)
25.03.2017 USA, Santa Ana, CA
26.03.2017 USA, San Francisco, CA (1)
27.03.2017 USA, Portland, OR
28.03.2017 USA, Seattle, WA
29.03.2017 CAN, Vancouver, BC (1)
31.03.2017 CAN, Calgary, AB
01.04.2017 CAN, Edmonton, AB
04.04.2017 USA, Denver, CO (1)
06.04.2017 USA, Minneapolis, MN (1)
07.04.2017 USA, Chicago, IL
08.04.2017 USA, Indianapolis, IN (1)
09.04.2017 USA, Cleveland, OH
11.04.2017 CAN, Toronto, ON
12.04.2017 CAN, Montreal, QC
13.04.2017 USA, Boston, MA
14.04.2017 USA, New York, NY
15.04.2017 USA, Philadelphia, PA

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