0 X í S T

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Also known as Zero Exist, 0xist

Country: Finland
Labels: Ostra Records
Cold Void Emanations

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Formed in: 2008
Disbanded in: 2016

2008-2016 Death doom metal
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2008-2012  Ossi Leino - bass
› 2014-2016  -//-
2008-2016  Jani Koskela - guitars, vocals
2010-2016  Mikael Ahlstén - drums
2013-2016  Juhani Anton Jokisalo - guitars
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2008-2010  Andy Koski-Semmens - drums
2008-2012  Henrik Hajanti - guitar
2012-2014  Sameli Köykkä - bass
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Doom metal is a nice genre that manages to breathe fresh air every now and then, although the concept behind it is older than in most other styles. On the other hand, there is the heavy and dragging approach that it has always been, which is exactly what you get when listening to 0 X í S T's new album One Eon. A deep bass together with melancholy laden guitars, slowly punching drums and both harsh and clean vocals. So basically you get the idea: it's doom.   Review by Windrider ››

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