Nero Di Marte


2007-  Francesco D'Adamo - guitars
2009-  Sean Worrell - guitars, vocals
2009-  Marco Bolognini - drums
2010-  Andrea Burgio - bass
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2007-2009  Simone Esperti - bass
2007-2010  Riccardo Meschiari - vocals
2008-2009  Andrea Cavalieri - drums
2009-2010  Marcello Tavernari - bass
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Sometimes it's difficult to discern what is truly progressive in metal. This is providing we all have preconceived notions of what it means for artists to push at the identifiable territorial boundaries of music that are more familiar to us, and facilitate sounds external to generic confines. The prospect of a band finding themselves located somewhere between Gojira, Tool and Ulcerate is something I could never have anticipated. Yet Nero Di Marte leave listeners in anticipation with each careful note, echoing technicalities throughout primordially death metal perpetuating atmosphere and flowing forms of sound hitherto uncharted. Exploration persists in Derivae.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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