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Country: USA
Labels: Nuclear Blast Entertainment
20 Buck Spin

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Formed in: 2012

2012- Doom metal
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2012-  Ben Hutcherson - vocals, guitars
2012-  Phil Pendergast - vocals, guitars
2012-  Zach Coleman - drums
2012-  Daniel Beiers - bass
2015  Ethan McCarthy - vocals

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A well-executed sludge album is bound to keep me as entertained as the next guy, but it will never be my go-to genre; I haven't found that magic spark of life. The same goes for stoner metal. Set me up with Sleep for an hour and I'll be a happy camper, but I can't get passionate about the form. I always have to ask, "This is great and all, but why would you do this when you could be playing doom?" Newcomers Khemmis have really simplified things for me.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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