Riccardo Atzeni


1995-1997 TBM - guitar  
1997-2000 KER - guitar  
2000-2002 M.A.P.O. - bass  
2001-2002 Solid Session III - bass  
2002-2003 Solid Session IV - bass  
2003- Solid Vision - bass  
2006-2011 Dominici - bass  

Studio musician

2008 Brian Maillard - bass  

Personal information

Also known as: eRik
Born on: 21.01.1980
Official website

eRiK was born in 1980 and began his musical career at age 15 playing guitarist. Slash, Marty Freedman & Satriani all unknowingly became his teachers through their CDs. In 2005 he was the guitarist in a band called TBM , formed by Sergio Piccaluga (Keyboards), Walter Atzeni (Drums), Moreno Tolu (Bass) Marco Pinna (Guitars) Angelo Mirigliani (Vocals), with whom he composed and recorded some demo tapes . This group disbanded after 2 years and eRiK received an offer to join KER , formed By Marco Orrù (Drums), Marco Medda (Guitars), Danilo Toro (Bass), Giovanni Fanzecco (Vocals).

With the new band he recorded some new progressive tracks called "Epoca Sbagliata" and "Il gioco"at the Switch Studio, where he met Brian and Yan Maillard, who at the time were members of the band M.A.P.O . The band KER very quickly folded, and Marino Maillard (guitarist and band leader of M.A.P.O. ) asked eRiK to join his band to complete the line up. Unfortunately they needed a bass player and eRiK was a guitar player up to this point.

Not willing to turn down the invitation, eRiK immediately began learning the bass guitar and joined the band. He studied bass techniques and all that he needed to play on all of the M.A.P.O. track list, and the tour started. In 2001 they composed and recorded the album called "If Only". It was then that he clicked the "START" button for the first time on a PC and began experimenting with midi sequencers, synths and HD Recording software.

eRiK started sequencing many keyboard parts from instrumental songs like The Dance of Eternity, Paradigm Shift, Universal Mind , and more from many other artists like Dream Theater , Liquid Tension Experiment , Steve Vai and Lobotomis .

Finally eRik, Brian & Yan decided to form an instrumental trio to play live. This trio was called Solid Session III and they embarked on a long tour in their country. At the same time, M.A.P.O. quit their tour and the trio left the band to compose some new material. This new material was more Heavy Metal and now Solid Session III needed only a small change by adding a vocalist and a keyboardist. Enter Samuele Pintus & Americo Rigoldi. The new line up was now perfect, and they started to record the new album. In 2004 the band changed its name to SolidVision releasing "Eleven", their first release.

eRiK then joined the Ibanez Artist Roster Endorsing a Btb Prestige Series Bass. At the same time he made the www.solidvision.org official website. In 2006 a new SolidVision prog metal CD called "The Hurricane" was made. eRiK then landed an endorsement deal with eSound (Hartke XLight Strings) and became a DOMINICI band member.

eRiK is also acting webmaster for www.erikbassman.com , www.brianmaillard.com and www.yanmaillard.com (now defunct) as well as designing the original website for DOMINICI ( old site here ).
Source: SolidVision.org