Bobby Schottkowski


NA- Dr. Rock - drums  
NA- Fireball - drums  
NA- Randalica - drums  
NA- Onkel Tom - drums  
1991 Crows - drums  
1997-2010 Sodom - drums  
2014- Tank - drums  

Personal information

Real name: Konrad Schottkowski

Nickname: Bobby

Year of birth: 20th Century

Home country: Germany

First record you bought: Sweet - Ballroom Blitz (Single)

Drums - SONOR Designer Set in Snow White
Rack Toms 8x8, 10x10, 12x12
Stand Tom 16x16 + 18x18
Bass Drums 22x18
Snare Drum 14 x 6
Cymbals - Meinl
Sticks - Vic Firth Custom Made

Bands (Discography):
The dying Race

Dr. Rock,


Knast, Tod & Rock'n Roll

Onkel Tom,
Ein Tröpfchen voller Glück
Ein Strauss bunter Melodien
Ich glaub nicht an den Weihnachtsmann

Til' Death Do Us Unite
Code Red
One Night In Bangkok Sodom
Sodom (2006)
In War And Pieces

Idols: John Bonham, Roger Taylor

Favorite bands: A lot...

Favorite drinks: BEER!!, Vodka Martini (dry)

Favorite food: Pizza, Pasta, Chili

Favorite movies: Das Boot, Lord of the Rings, Shrek, Warriors, Young Frankenstein

Hobbies: Computer

Biggest foolishness in your life: I started smoking when I was 22.

Motto: Nothing is impossible.