Atma Anur


1986-1987 Cacophony - drums  
1986-1988 Jason Becker - drums  
2000-2001 Vicious Rumors - drums  

Studio musician

1987 Tony MacAlpine - drums  
1999 Tony MacAlpine - drums  
2011 Taka Minamino - drums  

Guest musician

2008 Jason Becker - drums  

Personal information

Official website

Eclectic drummer Atma Anur had been the "underground hero" of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene for over 25 years. After moving to the U.S. from his native England, Atma attended the CITY-AS-SCHOOL High School for the Performing Arts, where he became good friends with legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and began exploring the jazz-fusion roots of New York City. Atma continued his education by studying orchestral and tuned percussion at the MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC. While still in high school Atma further "cut his teeth" by playing drums on the streets of Manhattan in various jazz groups, and also played in the now infamous "NY LOFT JAZZ" scene in SOHO, with artists like Joe Bowie, Luther Tomas, Drowning, 190 PSA and many others. Atma also played experimental jazz duets (drums and electric bass) with Efraim Schwab. Atma and Efraim have also written a book on poly-rhythmic harmony and rhythmic understanding together (unpublished).

Atma continued his musical study at the BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC in Boston, where he studied jazz composition and performance. There he studied with great players like Ed Kaspic, Joe Hunt, Tommy Campbell, Rodney Smith, and Lenny Nelson.

Atma's first gig after leaving college at age 19 was with the world famous COASTERS and the legendary Bobby Day, in the Miami Beach Resort Club circuit.
After moving to San Francisco in 1981 Atma played in the then flourishing local jazz scene, at clubs like Fillmore's and Bajons. Here he began to develop his eclectic abilities and played in as many as 7 bands at a time, in many styles of music. During this time Atma also toured and recorded with the world famous PICKLE FAMILY CIRCUS among others.

Atma became a valued musician and drummer for Mike Varney's SHRAPNEL RECORDS in the mid 80s, and recorded a great many CDs on that label. Most of these CDs were recorded at PRAIRIE SUN RECORDING, located in Cotati Ca. Run by Mark "mooka" Rennek, it is one of the Bay Area's best recording facilities. On Shrapnel, Atma played with pivotal musicians such as Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine, Cacophony, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen and many more of Mike's amazing guitar discoveries. Under Mike Varney's direction many of these CDs were engineered and mixed by GRAMMY AWARD winning producer Steve Fontano, and Prairie Sun's own "mooka" Rennick.