Till Lindemann


1986-1994 First Arsch - vocals, drums  
1994- Rammstein - vocals  
2015- Lindemann - vocals  

Guest musician

1989 Feeling B - vocals, drums  
2000 Die Puhdys - vocals  
2007 Apocalyptica - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 04.01.1963

Till Lindemann (born January 4, 1963) is a German musician and poet who is most notable as being the frontman and lead-vocalist for the German tanz-metall ("dance metal") band Rammstein.

Lindemann has a powerful on stage presence and a resonant bass voice. One of his signature mannerisms is to partially squat and pound his fist onto his thigh to the beat of the riff. Also, his vocals are easily recognizable due to his tendency to roll his Rs, and growl his achs. Lindemann is also a qualified pyrotechnician. After an accident at the Treptow arena in Berlin on September 27, 1996, where a burning stage prop fell into the audience, Rammstein began employing a professional pyrotechnical crew and Lindemann has learned from and also trained with them. Each band member is specially instructed on the pieces of pyrotechnical equipment they use on stage. Of Lindemann, band mate Christoph Schneider says, "Till gets burned all the time, but he likes the pain." He has also engaged in other masochistic acts on stage, such as whipping himself and bludgeoning his head with a microphone until it bleeds, both of which can be seen on the "Live Aus Berlin" DVD.