1993 Mad Dog - vocals  
1998 The Kovenant - vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
2004-2011 Angtoria - vocals  
2009- Sarah Jezebel Deva - vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
Studio musician:
1996-2009 Cradle Of Filth - vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
1998-2001 Mortiis - vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
1999 Mystic Circle - vocals  
Live musician:
2009-2010 The Kovenant - vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
Guest musician:
1997-2002 Therion - vocals  
1998 Tulus - backing vocals (as Sarah Jezebel Deva)  
1998 Graveworm - vocals  
2002 The Gathering - vocals  
2004 Mendeed - vocals  
2008 Dawn Of Ashes - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Jezebel Deva
Born on: 25.02.1977
Official website

Sarah Jane Ferridge (born February 25, 1977 in Forest Gate, East London, England), better known by her stage name Sarah Jezebel Deva, is a backing vocalist in Cradle of Filth, and also fronts her own band, Angtoria.

Her career started at the age of 11 at the Queen's theatre. "Summertime" was her first performance ever in a band or to an audience, performing one more time at the age of 13. She then took a big leap from jazz into punk, where she secured a position as a co-vocalist. It took one show with "Mad Dog" and a lot of punks spitting to realise that punk was not for her. She went on to write her own lyrics and later recorded a demo. At the age of 16 her singing career took another leap, this time into metal.

A T-shirt range was made available courtesy of Cradle of Filth guitarist Paul Allender as a 'favour' to Sarah in early 2006.

She became a columnist for UK-based extreme music publication Zero Tolerance Magazine in 2006.