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Ywolf was founded by Gabriel Wolf in 2000. It's a solo project of Gabriel, but great musicians were featuring on each albums as guest singers! The bandname "Ywolf" came from the name "Yhron Elwolf". This is a long story... In the year 2000 a very succesful and popular dark fantasy book was released in Hungary. Its title was "Bloodchaos". The writer of the book was John Caldwell, the most famous Hungarian fantasy writer. Since John is a friend of Gabriel and he likes Gabriel's bands very much, John was putting Gabriel into the book, as one of the main characters. In the book, that character looked like Gabriel Wolf himself, and many properties and abilities of the character was taken from the real person. The name of this character in the book was "Gabri Elwolf". He was a young magician who had a special musical instrument called the "Zidar". He was able to rule the mood and the mind of people with this magical instrument. Later in the story Gabri Elwolf became a mighty demon magician and also a mighty king, called "Kargil Yhron, the God of the Drenians". Gabriel really appreciated that, John was putting him into his book, and in those times he just started a new project.... a project what didn't have a name yet.... so, Gabriel wanted to give the name "Yhron Elwolf" for the new band. (taken from the book "Bloodchaos") Later he made it shorter and the result became: YWOLF.

About the first album (Trilogy of the Night): The story of the album was based on the fantasy book of John Caldwell: "Trilogy of the Night". At the beginning, the style of the band was "dark gothic/folk" music. Some people described it as "darkwave", but it's more than a simple darkwave or gothic band, because the vocals were very colourful and various. The vocals were mostly "black metal" stylish in Ywolf's music, and also there were "death metal" vocals and clean vocals on the album too. So, the music was "dark gothic" music, but the vocals were much closer to black metal, that's why if we want to be precise, the style of the band could be described as a mix of pure gothic music and black metal.... or a mix of the MOOD of both styles. None of the bands play the same music (Ywolf is very individual), but the best comparison could be: Ywolf was similar to the bands: Dargaard, Weltenbrand, Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's or (early) Mortiis. Similar....but not the same! Stephanie Kiss (from the band "Chautauqua") was featuring on the first album. She was a professional opera singer (and also a teacher of opera singing). She was singing all the female vocals on Trilogy of the Night. This album was released by two labels at almost the same time: Irond Records (they released it only in the Russian territories) and Adipocere Records (they released it world-wide, except in Russia)

Later, after the first album, the style of Ywolf became even darker and more horroristic. (for example the female vocals disappeared from the music at all) On the second album (Night of the Werewolf) Ywolf "reached its final style". It would be really hard to comparise it to anything. Nobody plays very similar music to this. The music on the second album was more "neo-classical", but still "dark gothic". Still there weren't any metal instruments in the music (guitars, or "rock drums"), only classical instruments. So, for the first listen it sounded like maybe classical music. But more modern and much darker... and also contained gothic influences. So, the style of the second album is "dark gothic/neo-classical". This could be the best desciption for Ywolf's music. (on the second album) Concerning the vocals on this album: there were mostly black metal vocals on it and less clean vocals. Tomi "Narqath" Kalliola (leader of the bands: Azaghal, Hin Onde, Wyrd, Valar, Oath of Cirion, Vultyr, etc...) was featuring on this second album as a "black metal" singer. And also Nagy Andras (from Sear Bliss) was singing on this album in very brutal black metal style. The story of the album was based on various John Caldwell fantasy novels. (most of them are very horroristic and dark. The stories fit the music very well) This second album was released by Adipocere Records in June/2003.

On the third album (Dream Warrior, what will be released only in 2004), the style is similar to the second album. But maybe even darker again if this is possible. There are just a very few clean vocals and most of the vocals are very agressive and brutal black metal stylish screamings. But the music is still very melodic and "symphonic". Only the vocals are agressive on this album. Nagy Andras (Sear Bliss) was featuring on this album again as a guest singer. This newest album is the most special of all, because of the strange mood of the album and also because this CD contains two novels of Gabriel Wolf (on a "CD-rom multimeda" track): "Dream Warrior" and "Key of Dimensions". A longer novel (20 pages) and a shorter novel (2 pages). Both of them inspired two songs on the album. The albumtitle was also taken from this longer novel: "Dream Warrior" was released in Hungary also in book format (in June/2003). It is a fantasy anthology book (compilation of dark fantasy novels). Its title is "Gate of Wisdom". So, Gabriel started a writer carrier too in that year (his novel can be bought in any book stores in Hungary). Fortunately the new Ywolf CD also contains this novel, so anybody will be able to read it in foreign countries, when the album will be released. (in 2004) (the CD contains both novels in Hungarian and English languages too).

Source: http://finnugor.cjb.hu/