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Formed in 1997 as a death metal band by vocalist Johannes Prem, guitarist Sebastian Reichl and drummer Tobias Graf, they released the 7" vinyl Deadlock in 1999. After this came the EP I'll Wake You, When Spring Awakes in 2000.
2002 saw the release of their first album, The Arrival. The album featured keyboards, and guest clean vocals from Sabine Weniger. Their second album, Earth. Revolt was released in 2005. The band had expanded from a quartet to a six-piece with new guitarist Gert Rymen and Sabine Weniger now a full-time member of the band.

Their third album, Wolves, was released in 2007, and featured techno beats. The track "Code of Honor" was turned into their first music video. They launched a tour in support of Wolves through Europe alongside Neaera and Maintain. Their fourth album, Manifesto, was released in November 2008. The song "Deathrace" features rapping, while the song "Dying Breed" features clean vocals from former Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Älvestam, and the song "Fire at will" has a saxophone solo. It also includes a cover of The Sisters Of Mercy's "Temple of Love". The track "The Brave/Agony Applause" is the first single of the album and has a music video. They promoted Manifesto by playing one new song of the album each day on their MySpace until its European release.

Deadlock announced on a MySpace bulletin on December 12, 2008 that they had parted ways with Thomas Huschka (bassist), citing "musical and personal differences". On May 7, 2009, they announced John Gahlert as their new bassist. Deadlock released their 5th album Bizarro World in February 2011. On 2010, Sabine Weniger was guest vocalist and Sebastian Reichl was guest guitarist in the album Invictus by the German band Heaven Shall Burn in the song "Given in Death".

On October 26, 2011, it was announced that founding vocalist/lyricist Joe Prem had left the band after 14 years. On the 21st November 2011, Deadlock announced via their Facebook page that bassist John Gahlert would become the new harsh vocalist, having previously performed on occasion when Joe Prem was unable to play, and that bass duties would be handled by Ferdinand Rewicki, who had in the past toured with the band under the various guises of driver, tour manager, and "merch guy".

Source: Facebook