Blynd - Biography

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BLYND was formed in 2003 by three of the most prominent musicians in the Cyprus metal scene, coming from different music backgrounds but with a common vision: to fuse their respective influences into an amalgam that would break through the norms of the typical Cypriot band. After releasing their first demo, Embraced and Abandoned (2004, self released) with virtually no support from the Cypriot metal-unreceptive media and distributors, they created a fan base through constant shows around the island, rendering them immediately as a top name within local acts. The demo received excellent reviews from magazines and webzines all around the world and enabled the BLYND to perform abroad for the first time in Brighton, UK.

The band continued to press on by writing new material and playing more live shows (that eventually gathered more crowd attendance than any other Cypriot band), while at the same time became more focused and defined musically. This ever growing reputation these three powerful individuals saw songs of their demo appearing in magazine compilations around the world, and finally getting radio and club airplay. This cross-genre reputation and experienced, explosive stage presence made the band the perfect candidate to open for Sepultura in April, 2007 and co-headline a festival along with Anathema in July, 2007, both of which were crowned with immense success.

BLYND then went back to the studio to release a second demo, The Human Touch, in August 2007, showcasing some of their new material. The sound is raw and aggressive, and the riff oriented music is in the post-thrash (Pantera, Machine Head) vein, featuring a wide range of dynamics, tasteful swaps between clean and brutal vocals, skilful guitar work and intricate, unconventional drumming. Upon release, the band was immediately invited to perform in Thessaloniki, Greece, while plans are being made to include BLYND in summer festivals for the first time, in order to introduce their music to the broad European audience.