Stravaganzza - Biography




Stravaganzza was formed in 2003 in Madrid by Pepe Herrero, Edu Fernández, and Saratoga members Dani Pérez y Leo Jiménez. Although they play a different style with progressive, gothic and symphonic elements, (a difficult style in the Spanish metal scene), they have achieved a relative success thanks to the relation of Dani y Leo with the band Saratoga.

Their recording career started in 2004 when their first album "Primer Acto" was released. It offered some of their best hits: songs like "Dios" and "Oveja Negra" are always played live. Afterwards, in 2005 "Sentimientos" was released, a concept album that deals with different human feelings.

In 2005 Dani Pérez started performing with the band Skizoo, afterwards Skizoo's bassist left the band and Edu also joined the band.
Due to these events in 2006 Dani and Edu left Stravangazza due to label troubles; they couldn't perform in both bands at the same time and they decide to leave Stravaganzza. The news were posted in a plain announcement on their official website.

Due to those problems, people started to think that the band was going to break up because Dani was one of the most important members in the band. Nevertheless, the same year, Leo and Pepe announced two new members: Carlos Expósito y Patricio Babasasa. Besides, Rodrigo Calderón (violin) and Fernando Martín (keyboard), who had been performing with the band live, joined the band as active members.

After all these troubles, they wanted to prove their stability and they released their third studio work: Hijo Del Miedo. It's an EP with songs of their second CD, several remixes and a cover of the famous song "Hijo De La Luna" by Mecano.

In 2007 their third studio album, "Tercer Acto" was released.