Blutengel - Biography

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BLUTENGEL (eng. Blood Angel), German electrogoth band. Formed in 1998. by
Christian Chris Pohl (also of Terminal Choice, Tumor, Pain of Progress and owner of the Fear Section label).

- male and female vocals paired with electronic sounds

- theme: all aspects of love, from the tragedy of hopeless triscuts all the way to the naughtier aspects of eternal kains

- members: CHRIS POHL- programming, lyrics, vocals
CONSTANCE RUDERT- vocals, lyrics


- „Child of Glass" (1999)- female vocals: Kati Roloff and Nina Bendigkeit

- „Seelenschmerz" (2001)- Gini Martin joined the band instead of Nina Bendigkeit.

- Constance Rudert, who had only been recruited to add some spirit to the single „Black Roses", had her first guest appereance on stage together with Nina and Gini and soon became an inherent part of BE

- Kati and Gini worked on a new career with their project Tristesse De La Lune

- Chris managed to find a second equal female voice in Eva Poelzig

- „Angel Dust" (2002)
- „Angel Dust"- limited edition (2002)

2003. Wave- Gotik- Treffen, Woodstage Festival, Mera Luna Festival, The Electric Gathering, Festival in Sweden, Dark Storm Festival in Berlin

- „Demon Kiss" (2004)
- „Demon Kiss"- limited edition (2004)

2004. Woodstage Festival, Zillo Festival, Mera Luna (as a headliner), Greece, Sweden

- „ The Oxidasing Angel" (2005)
- „ The Oxidasing Angel" EP (2005)


- „Bloody Pleasures" (2001)
- „Black Roses (2001)
- „ Vampire Romance" (2002)
- „ Forever" (2003)
- „ Mein Babylon"- Stendal Blast & Blutengel (2004)
- „ No Eternity" (2004)


- Live Lines (2005)

(source for the biography: Wikipedia, Future Style magazine)