Remembrance - Biography


Remembrance is a Funeral Doom/Death metal band from France, Lille, counting 2 members : Matthieu Sachs and Carline Van Roos.

The obsession with creating depressive and dark music made Remembrance come alive in June 2004.

In March 2005, after some months of work, a 4 track demo CD entitled "Among Lost Illusions" is finally released and self produced as a promo format.

One month later, TotalRust music shows interest in the demo and the band starts to write new songs to release its first debut album.

In July 2005, The recording, mix, aswell as the artwork of "Frail Visions", Remembrance's first album, are finished.
"Frail Visions" offers a desperate Doom/Death metal with sorrowful and gloomy keyboard atmospheres, deep grunts, and heavy but also up-tempo guitar parts. It got released through TotalRust Music by the end of September 2005, Remembrance also contributes to a compilation album : "Asymmetry" which is also released through TotalRust Music.

In October 2007 Firedoom Music added Remembrance to the roster. The band and label have negotiated a contract for one album; the much-awaited second full-length Remembrance studio album, Silencing The Moments, was recorded summer 2007 and is currently stated for first quarter of 2008 release.

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