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Apothys - Biography

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Apothys' early releases were noted as being your basic home grown death metal with a melodic twist, but panned for not being particularly innovative nor having any specific direction. However, the material still sparked interest in listeners and observers. Various shows of local and international acts (including Nevermore, Amon Amarth, Satyricon, Finntroll, Suffocation, Symphony X) had saturated Apothys' calendar. Blogs and reviews have been tracking Apothys' path, gaining the band recognition in the Northern Virginia area and beyond. The most popular commentary began to reveal Apothys as a band to be reckoned with.

Slowly through the years, Apothys has been piecing together an idea - a structure. Needless to say, it is momentous for each member to be on the same train of thought and particular understanding. Not to mention that finding members with similar tastes and vision has been no simple task. Themes of dark tones, imagery and ideas have always been within the stories of Apothys members and there had to be some way to harness this within the music. With this undertaking, a premise of progressive cadences swirled with the essence of black metal and bare knuckled brutality had become concrete within the foundation of Apothys' latest songs. Ever since that concept had been struck, it's been tapped delicately to sap every possibility, molding balance and theme within the idea of blackened progressive death metal. The beginning excretions of this idea have been manifested within three songs on the band's most recent development, Advent: Doom.

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