Bloodbound - Biography




The story about the birth of one of metals most dark and mythical bands are as intriguing, glorious and devastating as the endless battle between heaven and hell. All written in blood, our story begins when the blood red midnight sun rises above the treetops in the deep forest of the north in The Swedish Kingdom.

bloodbound: [A term that originates from the dark ages when men would make an oath to each other called a "blood oath" where they would each cut their hands and then shake, mixing the blood. Each man then carries the other's blood, linking the two, as blood brothers. A bloodbound can never be broken and will follow you into the afterlife and beyond...]

bloodbound was formed on midsummer's eve 2004 by Fredrik Bergh (Bass, Keyboards & Backing vocals) and Tomas Olsson (Lead & Rhythm Guitars). The pair had been blood brothers for many years and they had been playing in bands together on and off since the early nineties. The two strong believers in heavy metal music had mutual respect for each others musical and songwriting abilities and set aim to create the best and true metal music that had ever been written! The musicians immediately started to write songs together and only in a couple of weeks several epic songs was written, and the beginning of something bigger than they could have imagined had started. Olsson and Bergh had definitely found a rare magic in the way they wrote, played and arranged the brand new material.

The two musicians now started their search for fitting band members for bloodbound who had the musical skills and also had the same belief in metal music. Bergh remembered his old acquaintance Urban Breed, the amazing singer and extraordinary frontman from the band Tad Morose. Bergh and Breed had been talking about a possible musical collaboration at the end of 2002 and they had a couple of serious meetings about working together but nothing had come out of it. So the first singer that Bergh and Olsson thought about for bloodbound was Mr. Breed. After a serious meeting with Breed he accepted the offer to join bloodbound as a permanent and full member, a blood brother. Bergh and Olsson was thrilled that Breed had joined them as his vocal abilities was more or less unlimited. There wasn't anything Breed couldn't do with his voice. The range, the power, the attitude and the tone of his voice was everything Olsson and Bergh was looking for in a singer.

To find a drummer that matched the skill of the trio turned out to be almost impossible. After literally searching around the world with a flashlight, the torch finally ended up on the young and extremely talented Oskar Belin. A true natural, basically born with the drumsticks in his hands. Playing like a professional Jazz drummer at the age of 9 they had found their match and the last piece of the puzzle. bloodbound was now a perfect circle and the rest is history...