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Cadaveria - Biography




Cadaveria was formed in 2001 by Cadaveria and Flegias (aka Marçelo Santos) with the intent to create a virtual space to freely express themselves as musicians and extreme artists. Within few months, after recruiting some of the best musicians of the Italian metal scene (John - aka Killer Bob - from Necrodeath, Frank Booth and Baron Harkonnen), the band recorded the debut album "The Shadows' Madame" (Scarlet Records), that received good response worldwide. Since then their private virtual space became a collective metal universe. Cadaveria's style is immediately labelled as Horror Metal, a definition that means all and nothing and that therefore leaves the band the chance to play from classical heavy metal to new progressive tendencies. The texts - scheming, hermetic and introspective - mirror the dark and opposite soul of the singer Cadaveria, dealing with existence, memory, energies, intellect and death.

Once the band finished the live support activity of the first CD, Cadaveria released a home video, including the video clip of the cult song "Spell", the live clip of "Circle of Eternal Becoming", the making of the videos and some unpublished backstage images. The video is fully self imagined, self made, self produced and self distributed. Its professional result testifies the creativity of the band and their love for the visual dimension. In 2003 the band began the composition of the second CD, while Baron Harkonnen left the band to devote himself to his "electro-metal" project DyNAbyte. Cadaveria continues its musical walk planning songs that have their originality in the variety of the voice and building more melodic guitar riffs, but still preserving the original aggressiveness.

While positively licensing the agreement for "The Shadows' Madame" release in UK (Salvation/Triple Silence), in 2004 the second album "Far Away From Conformity" was released (Scarlet Records). The reactions of the audience are very hot and sometimes conflicting: Cadaveria have reached an appropriate autonomous complex style, that, as the title of the album says, is well away from the stereotypes of death/black metal and from any trends of pre-existing genres. The CD artwork, as always manufactured with photographic works by contemporary artists, shows also a renewed band look, hard but detailed, absolutely out of time. With "Far Away From Conformity" Cadaveria are hated or loved! The album, licensed also in Russia (Cd Maximum) and South America (Hellion), collects good reviews from magazines and webzines all over the world. The CD promotion continues till Summer 2005, ending with a great live show @ Marquee, in central London.

During 2006 Cadaveria work on the composition and production of its 3rd full length and in December the CD is ready for mastering. In early 2007 Cadaveria join Season Of Mist, and in May 2007 release the new album entitled "In Your Blood": twelve brand new songs that mark another step ahead in the band's artistic career.

The album is announced by the video from the song "The Dream," immediately followed by the psychotic and splattering "Anagram" video clip. After a 2008 spent among live shows and promotions, Cadaveria is now ready to face the new year with a renewed line-up, already at work on upcoming gigs and brand new tracks. A new era of blood and darkness has begun!