Darkseed - Biography




Melodic Death Metal with a strong Gothic flavouring dating back to 1992. The band, named after the 'Darkseed' computer game and initially founded by vocalist / guitarist Stefan Hertrich and drummer Harald Winkler as a covers band came to prominence with their 'Sharing The Grave' and 'Darksome Thoughts' demos. At this stage DARKSEED included Turkish guitarist Tarkan Duval. He in turn was superseded by Andy Wecker as the band supported ANATHEMA in their home town of Munich.

Prior to the 'Romantic Tales' EP for Invasion Records guitarist Thomas Herrmann was ousted in favour of Jacek Dworok in August of 1992. Although DARKSEED now had their commercial debut released the band would fold with Wecker and Winkler creating a more grunge influenced outfit. Hertlich resolved himself to resurect DARKSEED and cut a private six song demo which soon enticed Winkler back into the fold. By November of 1995 Wecker was also reinducted as was guitarist Thomas Hermann and bassist Rico Galvagno. This unit set about a sequel to the 'Romantic Tales' release. Although artwork was made up for what was to be 'Romantic Tales II' the project was shelved and the group signed to the Serenades label for 1996's 'Midnight Solemny Dance' album.

DARKSEED's next step was to inka deal with the burgeoning Nuclear Blast label. This new dawn did not exactly get off to a good start when after an industry gig at the Cologne Popkomm festival alongside MOONSPELL, CREMATORY and PYOGENESIS Wecker was unceremoniously fired.

The band drafted guitarist Daniel Kirsten and drummer Willy Wurm for recording of their Nuclear Blast debut 'Spellcraft'. Between the studio sessions and the album's release DARKSEED put in shows supporting AMORPHIS, later captured on a live compilation video. 'Spellcraft' was issued in March of 1997 and DARKSEED set about promotion by hooking up with LACRIMOSA, SECRET DISCOVERY and THE GALLERY for a month long bout of touring. Further shows saw the act included among the ranks for the 10th anniversary Nuclear Blast festivals in Germany sharing the stage with THERION, DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES and CREMATORY.

In December of 1997 Kirsten broke ranks necessitating DARKSEED employing a session guitarist for an appearance at the Austrian 'Mind Over Matter' festival. The gap was finally plugged in July of the following year when Tom Gilcher was enlisted. Unfortunately though the band was struck a severe blow when they learned of the death of ex member Andy Wecker. The young guitarist had succumbed to cancer.

A further Nuclear Blast album 'Give Me Light' ensued in March of 1999 but strangely its release was a low key affair and a subdued DARKSEED managed a mere handful of gigs that year. Before the year was out both Galvagno and Wurm were out of the picture.

Vocalist Stefan Hertrich also operated in SCULPTURE and the Ethnic infused Gothic Metal project BETRAY MY SECRETS, the latter involving erstwhile DARKSEED drummer Harald Winkler and MEGAHERZ guitarist Christian Bystron. By June of 2003 it was revealed that DARKSEED had severed ties with Hertrich, swiftly replacing him with Christoph Puhr-Westerheide of MISLEAD. Apparently Hertrich, committed to a steady job in the computer gaming industry, had instructed the band to search for a new singer following completion of the last album 'Astral Adventures' . The ex-singer also announced plans for an Ethnic-Gothic solo project SHIVA IN EXILE.