Doom:VS - Biography



Johan Ericson is a multitalented musician and producer with a number of projects of his own. The most distinguished of these is Draconian; a gothic/doom act which Johan established in 1994. Johan started out as a drummer but soon expanded his field of capacity. From the profound elevation of this distinct mind calls also the spirit of Doom:VS; a project born from the idea of constructing something utterly dark in the unique field of doom metal, closer to bands such as Shape Of Despair and Mourning Beloveth. Although his worship of bands like Pentagram (U.S.) and TROUBLE didn't reflect on his plans this time.

Empire of the Fallen:
Near the closure of 2004 the self produced demo album, Empire of the Fallen, was released; a four track obscure and prominent contribution to the doom metal underground. The vocals on three of the songs were handled by recent Draconian affiliate and Scorched founder, D. Arvidsson. The demo was very well received and led to a deal with the Finish label Firedoom; sub label to Firebox Records - where bands such as Necare, Saturnus and Swallow The Sun have their dwellings. The deal was signed in 2005 and the work continued…

Aeternum Vale:
Johan soon embarked on the work for the debut album and it was also to be Johan's first bigger effort as a sole producer. Due to his other projects, the production soon fell further and further in delay, but was finally finished in April 2006. The name of the album was set for Aeternum Vale, meaning 'farewell forever' and reflects the essence of this grim and murky assembly of despair. Also here, D. Arvidsson makes a guest appearance, but just for one song. The album balance pure darkness with beautiful evocative melodies and epic soundscapes. The lyrics are filled with heartache and dejection - always asking the question: What is the reason for all this?

The tasteful album cover and layout was also fashioned by Johan, and the lovelorn opus Aeternum Vale will witness the dreadful light of day in July the 10th