Heavenly - Biography




The biography of a band and its rising is always a hazardous experience, made of trials and errors, musical evolutions, line up changings, without forget all the inevitables bad experiences absolutely necessary for a band which is aspiring to success.
So, to be clear, we will only retain from our way the worthy of interest stages which have stood out in the band's life.

1994: First meeting of the two founder members : Ben Sotto, (current singer of the band) and Max Pilo (first drummer)
At this period all the influences were called Guns'n'Roses, Helloween, Stratovarius , Angra, Rhapsody…

1998: After a lot of work, Heavenly gets its own personality, its style and record its first demo of three songs which have been sent to many record companies.

Noise Records decides to broadcast the demo on their website for the competition "Be your own label boss" .
People reaction is immediate and Heavenly goes out of this competition as the great winner.

1999: Noise Records offers a deal to the band.

February 2000: Recording sessions of the first album in Hannover.

-Title: Coming from the sky
-Date of release: May 2000
-Production: Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) (for Noise Records)
-Studios: Horus Studio & Powerhouse studio
-Special guest Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Piet Sielk (Iron Savior) vocals on the song Time Machine

November 24 2000: Concert in Tours (France) opening for Symphony X

November 25 2000: Participation to the Hard Rock Magazine festival at the Elysée Montmartre (Paris)
Heavenly received an exceptional reception from the 1600 fans who were here that day.

December 01 2000: Heavenly is chosen to be the Stratovarius opener for the "Infinite Tour" all over France, Holland, Belgium,
Germany and Czech Republic.

March/June 2001: Recording sessions of the second album in Horsen (Danemark) and in Paris.

-Title: Sign of the winner
-Date of release: September 2001
-Production: Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids) and Heavenly (for Sanctuary/Noise Records)
-Studios: Jailhouse studio & Heavenly studio
-Charts position: 132 in France (source IFOP/SNEP)

December 2001: Heavenly is the opener for the Edguy's Mandrake Tour durring 6 weeks.
Assessment : 26 gigs all over Europe, 10 countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Finland) in front of 30 000 fans all along the tour.

February 2002: Hard Rock Magazine awards (French TV show)

Hard Rock Magazine's readers votes and Heavenly receives the "best french band" award for 2001.

Then, it's time for the Rock Hard Magazine's readers to elect the best french band for 2001 and once again, Heavenly is chosen.

August 2002: Heavenly plays at the Wacken Open Air.

March/August 2003: Recording sessions of the third album in Hannover, Wolfsburg (Germany) and Hyeres (France).

-Title: Dust to Dust
-Date of release: January 2004
-Production: Ferdy Doernberg, Sacha Paeth (Angra, Rhapsody) and Heavenly (for Sanctuary/Noise Records)
-Studios: Droehnwerk studio, Heavenly studio & Gate studio
-Charts position : 135 in France (source IFOP/SNEP)
71 in Finland (source YLE)

February 13 2004: The band gives its "Dust to Dust premiere" in London in a totally jumpacked "Underworld" (a lot of people stayed in front of the venue without ticket…)

End of 2004 / beginning of 2005: Heavenly is achieving the composition of the fourth album.

With an average age of 25 and more than 50 000 albums sent all over the world, the band is expecting a lot of this fourth opus which will must be the overstepping of a new level for them.

November 2005 : Avalon Marquee records offers a deal to the band for Asia.

August 2006 : 13bis Records/Sony-BMG offers a deal to the band for France.

February/July 2006 : Recording sessions, mix & master of the fourth album in Marseille, Hyères (France), Miami (U.S.A.), Wolfburg (Germany) & Helsinki (Finland)

- Title : Virus
- Date of release : september/october & november 2006 (depends on country)
- Production : Philip Colodetti & Heavenly (for Avalon Marquee records)
- Studios : Soul Spirit Studio, North Miami Studio, Heavenly's Studio, Gate Studio & Finnvox Studios

The machine is on the move, the show is going on...

Source: official website (http://www.heavenly.fr)