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"If there's a better record released this year, mortals probably wouldn't survive hearing it... Void" is more important than a lot of more hotly-tipped albums coming out this year, and it's certain to put all of them to shame. INTRONAUT is the future." -10/10 Keith Bergman,

"Intronaut are on to something special here, only the future will tell how far they can take it." -5/5 Tyler Wagnon,

"Intronaut are the band to watch as of right now. While this band may not sound it, they're doing something completely new, and you would do yourself well to get in on this before the band blows up or breaks up." -9/10 Ryan Loostrom,

"Cacophony it may be, but this band's control over it is otherworldly." -Eric W. Saeger, Miami New Times

"will likely be one of 2006's finest debut albums" - John Gnesin,

"Entirely creative and artistically engaging, the underground has just received a new rising star"

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August 22, 2006 quickly approaches. That date will mark the release of Void, the debut full-length by Los Angeles metal quartet INTRONAUT. The album is the next step forward by one of this scene's most exciting new bands and is sure to turn heads in the metal underground.

Drummer Danny Walker, a member of CA grinders UPHILL BATTLE, and Sacha Dunable, guitarist for L.A. doom band ANUBIS RISING, conceived INTRONAUT. They shared a common interest in playing something forward thinking with an emphasis on forceful songwriting. Ideas were exchanged and allowed to brew for a few months before the two began writing.

This new project intrigued recent L.A. immigrant (and former IMPALED guitarist / EXHUMED bassist) Leon del Muerte enough to join on guitar and vocals. Danny and Leon bonded during their time spent touring together in EXHUMED. The three found it easy to adapt to one another and this fresh
style of music. All that was missing was the perfect bass player to complete the equation.

Enter Joe Lester, an old friend of Sacha's who recently left UC Santa Cruz with a BA in music. Aside from extensive experience playing jazz, funk, and traditional Indian music, Joe is a die-hard hesher. He jumped at the chance to join this exciting new metal band. His musical proficiency complemented the songwriting nucleus impeccably, adding an extra dimension to the overall sound. The music the quartet produced was heavy, technical, abstract and melodic. It was a great combination and the band's passion to create grew immensely.

They quickly wrote and recorded four songs that would make up their first release, the Null EP. They were so pleased with the end result that INTRONAUT promptly went from side project to full-time band status. Momentum built quickly, with the band playing many regional shows and selling over 200 CDRs of the recording, both at shows and through their website. The EP caught the interest of Chris Logan and Goodfellow Records and a recording deal was signed shortly afterwards.

Goodfellow re-released Null in February 2006 to help introduce INTRONAUT to a wider audience. It has since received critical acclaim from both the heavy music underground and the mainstream music press. Shortly after its
release, the band headed back into CA's Shiva Industries studio with John Haddad (Phobia*, Eyes Of Fire). John had also worked with the band on Null. The band worked longer, this time around, to craft their first full length. Void is the result.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, Void proves that the initial excitement caused by Null was warranted. Expanding on what they had already accomplished, Void is a solid step forward by a young band ready to take things to the next level, returning with over 45 minutes of epic beauty & sheer punishment.

* NB - please note that Danny Walker recorded with Leon del Muerte and is a touring member of the current incarnation of Phobia.