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Kimaera - Biography



In the year 2000, Kimaera was born on the stages of small pubs in the streets of Lebanon after dark. It has come a long way since, having become an international name and destroying the stage in music festivals across the globe such as Masters of Rock (Czech Rep.), 'Festivale Mediteranneen de la Guitare (Tunisia), and Unirock (Turkey). Hailed as the 'Lebanese Ambassadors of DOOM', Kimaera has helped put Lebanon on the map when it comes to metal music.
They were first discovered by Russian label company Stygian Crypt Productions, after Kimaera released its self produced single 'God's Wrath' in 2004. The powerful single received very positive feedback, which in turn opened the way for the worldwide release of their debut album 'Ebony Veiled' in 2006. Due to the innovative interplay of Doom, Death & Oriental metal elements contained within one album, 'Ebony Veiled' was heralded by the press as "The doom metal discovery of the year". Critics described it as "A true opus of beauty and sadness".
But, it has not been an easy Journey. Before releasing their debut album, three band members had to leave the country simultaneously. With half the members gone, live performances became an impossibility, and many speculated about the future of the band. But, this did not deter the remaining members. They proceeded with the recording & release of 'Ebony Veiled'. Furthermore, founder & frontman JP Haddad started composing the second album, 'Solitary Impact'.
Released in 2010, 'Solitary Impact" achieved great critical acclaim. As described by the press, Kimaera proved that they are "no longer a mere student, but now give lessons". With recurring themes of betrayal and abandonment, 'Solitary Impact' is a lot darker than 'Ebony Veiled' while still maintaining the signature Kimaera innovation. Along with the album release, Kimaera produced its first music video for 'The Taste of Treason'. Both album and music video were very well received, and brought Kimaera to sharper attention from the European metal scene, particularly from Metal Hammer Magazine which featured the band in their compilation for September 2011 issue.
Regional obstacles such as oppression, censorship and lack of funding, besides the several line up changes throughout the years, did not stop Kimaera from becoming one of the leading metal pioneers in the Arab world.
In 2011, they released the single 'December Ends' to whet the appetite of their fans as they wait for the release of the third studio album.
With the promising start of 2012, Kimaera inked a deal with "The Flaming Arts"as their exclusive management and booking agency. "The Flaming Arts" is one of the most reputable agencies in Europe, worked with many metal veterans such as 'Behemoth', 'November's Doom', 'Sepultura' and many others. Armed with such a powerhouse at their backs, Kimaera are looking forward to more successful achievements and conquests. 'The Harbinger of Doom' is coming.
Expected to be unleashed in 2012, 'The Harbinger of Doom' is clearly the result of years' worth of experience and sacrifice. A strong collaboration between Kimaera's talented members, the music can be best described as Revolutionary Metal. True to the nature of the region from which they hail, the songs are unpredictable, feverish, and enraged. With strong roots set in Doom and Death Metal, Kimaera elevates those genres into something completely their own. Through the combination of traditional Arabian instruments, violins and occasional female vocals, alongside guttural vocals, thundering drums and blasting guitars. 'The Harbinger of Doom' is the synapse of East & West, Doom & Death, Light & then the overwhelming Darkness.